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  • Summary: ESPN X Games-Snowboarding challenges players to test their skills in a variety of events and courses. The game captures the realism of the sport with authentic ESPN graphics and stats of the biggest names in the sport.
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  1. 90
    While "SSX" offers more arcade-style gameplay, Konami wants to slam you into the snowboarder's world harder than a botched Frontside Indy.
  2. "SSX" is a zany, fun and arcadey snowboard stunt-racer, and Konami's ESPN X Games Snowboarding is a realistic and beautifully presented simulator, one that will probably have massive appeal to hardcore snowboarders.
  3. 80
    This one made me work quite a bit, and the last time I checked, work isn't synonymous with fun.
  4. Even snowboarding fans will find the game's steep learning curve frustrating more than anything else.
  5. To speak plainly the action is DULL with a pace which only ever reaches the giddy heights of ''sedate'' ensuring that you'll soon share your character''s apparent lethargy - hardly befitting of the game''s extreme-sport pretensions.
  6. Those who may be looking for another "SSX" will certainly be disappointed by X-Games' sim-styled approach, but those who are looking for a true-to-life snowboarding experience will be overjoyed.
  7. If somehow, you are able to master the terrible control, perhaps having fun with ESPN is a possibility, though I doubt it.

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