Mixed or average reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 11
  2. Negative: 1 out of 11
  1. 84
    It's not a great game, but Eternal Poison is a game that I have no major complaints about.
  2. Whether or not you let the game’s little flaws bother you, there’s no denying that Eternal Poison is a unique, visually striking game, and the tactical gameplay is deep and engaging.
  3. And when a game’s biggest problem is that it left us wanting more, we’d say that’s a good problem to have.
  4. I don't think Eternal Poison is trying to be a ground-breaking strategy role-playing game. I think the developers were aiming for stylistic and different, and they've definitely succeeded at that.
  5. Eternal Poison has to be one of the most entertaining RPGs I have played all year. Although it sticks firmly to genre conventions in terms of general gameplay mechanics, the overkill system is interesting enough and adds a new (albeit simple) dimension to the battle system. However, Eternal Poison’s real strength comes from its multi-faceted story.
  6. But in the end, if you’ve ever played a strat/RPG, you won’t be surprised by what you find in Eternal Poison.
  7. Eternal Poison is built around three separate campaigns, each with their own leading characters and unique encounters, so there's plenty of built-in replay value. [Jan 2009, p.82]
  8. 70
    The gothic-anime art direction and voice acting are impressively well-done, and although the painfully long load times hinder the general flow of the game-play, the overall game-play, soundtrack, voice acting, and art direction makes up for the technical deficiencies.
  9. 67
    In the end, did Eternal Poison frustrate me countless times? Absolutely. Does it include inexcusable, easily fixable design flaws? Certainly. But its haunting style and twisted atmosphere also inspired emotions that'll stick with me for a long time to come -- and that's precisely why we play games, isn't it?
  10. Saying Eternal Poison is a bland, terribly designed RPG is about as nice a thing I can say about this game.
  11. 35
    Even the potential gothic charm of Thage is lost in a sea of confusing menus, uninspired combat, awkward interfaces and plain ol' poor choices.

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