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  • Summary: After abandoning the corrupt military and becoming a professional lifter, Sumner Sturgeon has become disenchanted with the life of an air sport athlete. Fate intervenes when his lost love returns and enlists his help to discover and stop the creation of the dangerous CFS (Compact Feedback System). Join Sumner on his quest to find the truth, compete in lift races, and pilot over 17 powerful LFOs (Light Finding Operations) in a variety of thrilling gameplay modes such as Story Mode, Survival Mode, Dream Match and Conflict Mode. With a storyline that arrives at the dawn of the anime series, this anticipated title promises to deliver an enduring action-propelled experience. [Namco Bandai Games] Expand
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  1. By evening out the presentation and focusing the story, New Vision transforms the Eureka Seven series from painful to playable.
  2. Eureka 7 Vol. 2: The New Vision suffers from a plethora of problems, ranging from bad combat, to a corny story, to a bunch of un-fixed bugs. As an interactive anime, however, you're getting ~5 hours or so of new video about the Eureka 7 universe.
  3. This sequel simply didn't need to happen. [June 2007, p.80]
  4. It is perfect for fans as it is new material for a show that is soon ending it's run. However if you aren't already invested into the universe, there is not a reason to pick this up. It's too slow of a game to engage you, and once you've invested 45 minutes in starting the game, there is no excuse to be just starting the first real level.
  5. Repeating the flaws and dull gameplay of the first game, Eureka Seven Vol. 2 is a major disappointment for any fan of the anime and gamer looking for cool mech action.
  6. 37
    With all of the gameplay here being decidedly sub-par, the third volume should just scrap any remnants of gameplay and become one long, non-interactive cutscene. Put it onto a DVD and charge fans of the show $10 to get more of their fix, but for the love of that is good in gaming just don't make a game out of it.
  7. Who actually thought this would be a game that people want to play? Everything about it, from the dialogue to the story to the action are so wholly worthless that I'd be surprised if it didn't outright piss fans of the series off rather than service them.

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