Generally favorable reviews - based on 27 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 27
  2. Negative: 0 out of 27
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  1. 86
    The Franchise mode is extremely satisfying because the long term and short term consequences of your decisions are always going to be on your mind and that only ads to the pressure of winning. FIFA05 is the best version of the series so far.
  2. There's no doubt that this is EA Sports' best soccer game to date on the pitch, but it's really unfortunate that the career mode isn't more user-friendly.
  3. Game Informer
    As good, if not slightly better than all the other FIFAs before it. And as long as this is all anyone asks for, it looks like FIFA will crawl along from year to year knowing that it never has to fully pull it all together. [Nov 2004, p.149]
  4. The player movement is very good, and ball physics are excellent. The game stumbles a little in terms of AI but delivers a sound soccer experience.
  5. There are very few gripes here and there; camera issues and confusing career for newbies, but this is undoubtedly the best FIFA game in many years and seems ready for taking on "Winning 11" this season.
  6. 80
    The addition of the First Touch system makes the gameplay much more fluid, and it encourages you to improvise more often. Armchair managers will love the new career mode, one of the best you'll see this year.
  7. It’s a good game of soccer and sports a few nice, unique features. However, if you care more about responsive control and a better overall gameplay experience, look next to FIFA on the retail shelf and find your allegiance with "Winning Eleven." It's still the king of the pitch.
  8. 90
    By no means a perfect game - however, it's quite addictive and has the best controls for any soccer game so far. [Nov 2004, p.145]
  9. AceGamez
    FIFA Football 2005 has more than proved its worth with some lovely new control features that add a lot more subtlety and variety to the gameplay, an extensive and highly involved career mode and those gorgeous graphics.
  10. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    The gaping chasm between FIFA and "Winning Eleven" may now be a photo finish. [Dec 2004, p.156]
  11. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    For my money, I think I actually like this one better than "Winning Eleven 7." FIFA is packed with more features than you could possibly explore unless you play nothing but this for the next six months. [Nov 2004, p.138]
  12. A game of football that is fast and fluid; now that the game uses its own engine and not a modification of the NHL one, it’s fair to say that issues such as stifled player controls and jerky animation transitions are well and truly a thing of the past.
  13. Those who are fans of the FIFA series will not be as disappointed as last year, but may still feel there is something missing that hasn’t been there since the 32-bit era.
  14. PSM Magazine
    With depth and style, FIFA continues to deliver the goods. [Nov 2004, p.92]
  15. The new first-touch control, the games biggest innovation for 2005 and the catalyst for this change in attacking emphasis, is brilliant. It’s logical, easy to use, works as it should, looks realistic and can blow a game wide open.
  16. And it's not so much the backgrounds or stadiums, which don't get me wrong look great, but the animation of the players. EA Sports has always managed to get the players running, tackling, goalkeeping, and kicking right on the money. Even better than last year's game.
  17. The best FIFA yet shows genius, but lacks the cohesion that separates a great team from a team of great players - and inescapably, it pales next to "PES4." [PSM2]
  18. Controls are tighter and provide more control of where the ball and team players can be moved than ever before. Spotty visuals (PS2 version) and a complicated Career mode, however, make FIFA Soccer 2005 a good secondary choice after "Winning Eleven 7."
  19. A very solid product overall. The game’s presentation is superb, the gameplay is good and fast-paced, and the game offers much replayability.
  20. The sheer range of teams, players and ‘prettiness’ makes this a perfect post pub blast, or one for the younger gamer to get straight into and has a very easy learning curve. The problem with that however is the lack of long term challenge, if even in career mode you’re odds on to score any time. Perhaps that’s the reason why we may just see Fifa 2006 same time, same place next year.
  21. The graphics and sound are phenomenal as always, but the gameplay is still lacking that killer touch. The gimmicky selling point actually works for once this time, the pace and flow of the game is much faster and there are a number of other funky additions that go a long way on improving the general gameplay.
  22. 85
    The game feels a good bit more real as compared to earlier incarnations.

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#28 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2004
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 56 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 11 out of 56
  1. Sep 22, 2010
    Honestly to this very day this was my favorite FIFA game. I like how it combined realism with some unrealism and this made the game the gameHonestly to this very day this was my favorite FIFA game. I like how it combined realism with some unrealism and this made the game the game so much fun to play.
    My only complaint is the career mode. While I like having to work your way up to the better teams I do not like how the players skills do not change much over their career and I do not like how the retiree then comes back as your new player the next season. Also other teams rarely add additional players to their team, so if you want to buy a player from a team chances are that they will be at the bare minimum amount and cannot sell anymore players.
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  2. HenrikS.
    Mar 3, 2006
    Better than the 04 version and a hihgly addictive game.
  3. benjib.
    Aug 29, 2005
    Gameplay is not as good as pro evo 4 but licences and commentry are far better, i like it