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  1. Positive: 38 out of 45
  2. Negative: 0 out of 45
  1. It's a quality production from start to finish, always letting fans in on the joke and treats the FF universe with great respect and more importantly, a sense of fun that is always present on both sides of the screen simultaneously. Your Diva's await...
  2. Paints an epic tale while sporting an uncommonly, enjoyably light-hearted approach to much of it. It holds its own not just as a sequel but as a true, full-fledged Final Fantasy title in its own right.
  3. 100
    You can play this game for more than 80 hours before you find everything, and more important, you'll actually want to play it for that long. [Dec 2003, p.48]
  4. The story was good for a sequel and while not as serious as the first one's story still can hold up to other RPGs out there.
  5. The most fun I've had playing a Final Fantasy... In terms of pure fun? This one rocks. [Dec 2003, p.149]
  6. This game is HUGE. There are so many places to go and explore on your journey it is not even funny!
  7. 94
    A brilliant and addictive romp through Spira that we're certainly glad to experience and one that could definitely mark the beginning of future opportunities for the franchise.
  8. It's sumptuously, head-swimmingly, plum-clutchingly lovely to look at. No, really, it's gorgeous. [Import]
  9. Almost every deviation X-2 takes from the established Final Fantasy norm has paid off. [Jan 2004, p.136]
  10. Square has taken a risk with Final Fantasy X-2, and even if they don't always hit the mark, when they do, it's a glorious cupid shot right through our FF-Loving hearts. [Dec 2003, p.67]
  11. While FFX2 could’ve been better, as it does rely significantly on the design of FFX, it’s still a top notch title. It can be a little too ‘pop’ music style, but once you get over that, it’s just as dramatic as any other FF game.
  12. 90
    There's never been a Final Fantasy as free and as fun as X-2.
  13. With a less serious, but still meaningful storyline, one of the most playable battle systems around, and more side quests than you could keep track of, Final Fantasy X-2 is an RPG that will keep you occupied and satisfied for as long as any good game in its genre should.
  14. 90
    Regardless of its shortcomings, FFX-2 is an engrossing RPG that’s worth the extensive time investment, although it may be a bit too awkward and saccharine for hardened FF vets.
  15. It's FFX-2's incredibly wacky, fruity charm that makes all the madness even more irresistible for fans who always secretly wanted to see what was really going on in the depths of Bevelle. [Feb 2004, p.18]
  16. A refreshing breath of fresh air in a series that had begun to feel very redundant.
  17. It’s hard for me to say how guys are going to react to the way this game does feel quite female oriented, if even just in presentation, it’s success in Japan suggests that it won’t pose a problem. Just to be safe though they put half naked chicks in it.
  18. Looking past the graphically pleasing surface, there was plenty of gritty gameplay to hold my attention. Building up my characters by learning new dressphere abilities was more enjoyable than leveling in recent RPGs, as was the earnest and lighthearted telling of Yuna's story.
  19. As frivolous as it seems, FFX-2 is most effective later in the game, when the light stuff gives way to more serious tones. A bizarre, feisty triumph. [Dec 2003, p.90]
  20. FF meets "Charlie's Angels" for a narcotic dose of the familiar RPG. [Jan 2007, p.106]
  21. With the ability to travel all around Spira from the get go, this is also going to lead to spoilers from Final Fantasy X, but also allows you to do a bit of exploring should you get stuck at some point in the game.
  22. A respectable follow-up, but it doesn't come close to rekindling the magic of the original. [Dec 2003, p.132]
  23. A strategy guide is a sheer necessity (not even close to being optional).
  24. Easily an improvement over its predecessor, perhaps even twice as good. It certainly will have a good deal more replay value than the original, so if you are thinking of killing several dozen hours this would be a very good buy.
  25. 85
    I won’t deny that this game is the veritable oddball in the Final Fantasy family – the guy at the table with numerous facial tattoos and body piercings – with the rest of his family being straight laced and true to the expectations of society – but that is why I enjoyed it so much.
  26. Give this improbable but welcome follow-up the benefit of the doubt and chances are you’ll find it offers some of the most action, humor, and--dare I say it--fun you’ve had with a console RPG in a long time.
  27. 84
    FFX-2 will keep the FF fan on the edge of their seat, but may cause the average gamer to die of boredom.
  28. As for the FFX initiates, you're going to like this a lot. Some parts may disappoint, some parts may even annoy you, but the experience as a whole is a good one, and you'll never question your purchase.
  29. Just make sure you’ve digested "Final Fantasy X" either way and you’ll walk away from X-2 with a nice, satisfying ending.
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  2. Negative: 20 out of 125
  1. Nov 25, 2010
    If one were to ignore Final Fantasy X and just observe Final Fantasy X-2 by itself, you could conclude it as being light-hearted RPG with aIf one were to ignore Final Fantasy X and just observe Final Fantasy X-2 by itself, you could conclude it as being light-hearted RPG with a fun, refreshing, and dynamic battle system arguably one of the best in the series. However, the epic story of Final Fantasy X is a difficult act to follow, and X-2 fails to live up to the bar that its predecessor set. In comparison to the traditional, grand, save the world storyline of Final Fantasy X, one can't help to feel that X-2 is just an epilogue to the epic story of Final Fantasy X and lacks the legs to stand on its own. Final Fantasy X-2 has a mission based non-linear type gameplay where the player will find themselves running through the world of Spira visiting old friends and tying loose ends while introducing new characters along the way. Many of these missions lack any urgency or sometimes any relevancy to the plot and I found my self lacking motivation to complete them, only trudging through them so that I could unlock the "true" ending (as a heads up, in addition to completing all the side tasks and missions, you must watch the entirety of every cut-scene or else you will need to play through the game again if you are going for the perfect ending on one play-through) . Those who played Final Fantasy X will find themselves in complete shock as to how much Spira and Yuna has changed following the events of X. I would go as far as to say a complete 180 degree turn from the serious nature of the first game. While this change of pace and lack of urgency might be refreshing to some, I felt frustrated. Instead of getting sucked into world of Spira all over again I just found myself asking why?.

    While being more of a classic turn-based guy myself, I found X-2's take on the ATB battle system to be very fun. Players will find themselves switching between many classic FF jobs, around something called a garment grids which rewards players with various bonus's during battle for switching through different paths of jobs. The result is a flashy, fast paced battle which almost feels part fashion show, as each of the three main characters each have their own distinct look and style depending on the job.

    Despite the lackluster story I can still recommend Final Fantasy X-2 to all but the most hardcore Final Fantasy X purists. The gameplay is sound and the storyline does provide some memorable experiences. However those expecting another epic in the same vein of Final Fantasy X will be disappointed. It is a nice conclusion to the Final Fantasy X storyline but in the end, that's all it feels like. The storyline of X-2 is nothing more than an afterthought, which in the end puts a damper on an RPG that contains some of the most fun exciting battles the Final Fantasy series has every seen.
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  2. JoeshieB.
    Aug 14, 2006
    Let me start by saying that the biggest problem I had with this game was the atmosphere. Simply put, I felt like I was watching my Final Let me start by saying that the biggest problem I had with this game was the atmosphere. Simply put, I felt like I was watching my Final Fantasy series being mashed with some horrible chick flick drivel. I mean, you have to go throw a concert in the Thunder Plains. A CONCERT! What's next? Help Yuna go pick out that fabulous prom dress she has always dreamed about or perhaps we should go try go try and find the elusive red lipstick that was stolen by the Al Bhed! Aside from the girlish atmosphere, the game also suffered from sub-par music and rather horrible voice acting. However, despite these huge problems, the game still has one saving grace. The battle system is one of the most enjoyable systems I have ever played. Overall, this game could have been so much more if it had dropped the Barbie or Pretty Pretty Princess approach. Full Review »
  3. AlanD.
    Jul 7, 2004
    As someone who has enjoyed the final fantasy series, I have never felt so disappointed by any of the games before. Following such an As someone who has enjoyed the final fantasy series, I have never felt so disappointed by any of the games before. Following such an excellent plot as final fantasy X has is not easy, but the lack of depth and "dumbing down" this game has are very disappointing and, for me, led to a pretty unchallenging and unfulfilling experience. The adaptation of the "Job" system into "garment grids" was a welcome addition to the battle system, but the music was the main area I had a problem with. As a music student myself I have always found Nobuo Uematsu's scores excellent and a vital part of the FF experience, but sadly he was not involved in the music of this game, which was so light and unimaginitive I found it depressing. Sadly I doubt Mr. Uematsu will be involved in writing music for FF games in the future, but I'm still hoping that he does, or I will be steering clear of future FF titles. Disappointing stuff. Full Review »