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  1. 100
    The game looks great, sounds great, has great writing, offers a lengthy and satisfying journey, has a great technical element and engaging sword-swinging and spell-slinging. It would be difficult to find a game out there with better production values, or that meets its goals so successfully while still introducing new ideas and innovations.
  2. 100
    With amazing improvements and incredible gameplay, FFXII is without a doubt the best Final Fantasy game in over a decade. Put simply, this is what all RPGs, regardless of platform or subject matter, should aspire to be.
  3. 100
    As for the adventure, it demands to be savored and not discussed. Amazing graphics power gorgeous cut-scenes filled with sky-choking ships, huge vaguely futuristic cities, and stunning natural landscapes. And, as beautiful as it looks, it plays even better.
  4. 100
    Not only are the characters well designed, but once you step out into the huge world, you'll be amazed by the wide array of creatures and landscapes the game has. This is a PS2 game, but it's really pushed to the limits.
  5. AceGamez
    An exceptional title in every way. It has all the elements you need for a potential classic; massive production values, jaw-dropping visuals and sound, intricate and engaging storyline, fast-paced and immersive gameplay.
  6. A masterpiece of epic proportions. From the innovative battle system to new ways of leveling up; the game gets a hold of you and never lets go. With roughly 50-100 hours playtime, Final Fantasy XII is an experience that you’ll never forget.
  7. Deviations from past Final Fantasies may turn off some players, but this game is so classy, it’s like mouthwash for the nasty taste FFX/X-2 left in gamers’ mouths. It redeems a hallowed series which had begun to spiral into teeny-bopper, pop-idol-infested hell.
  8. This isn't a crowning moment only for the PS2 generation, but for all of the Final Fantasy series. Long after the PS2 is forgotten, this installment will live in the memories of those who experienced it.
  9. With an engaging story, incredible visuals, great audio, and a cohesive and epic experience, FFXII is easily one of the best RPGs available now.
  10. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    FFXII is the apex of adventuring; gaming doesn't get any better than this. [Jan 2007, p.68]
  11. Beautiful, involving, impeccably designed and outstanding value, this is a grand game that is difficult to fault. It will captivate even those who have been immune to Final Fantasy's spell.
  12. Weekly Famitsu
    10 / 10 / 10 / 10 - 40 [platinum ; Mar 2006]
  13. 100
    It's not hard to see us looking back in five years time and seeing FFXII as a pivotal, changing moment in how RPGs are designed; a game which drew on the experience of Final Fantasy's branches into tactical strategy and massively multiplayer, as well as on the more mature storytelling of other mediums, and folded it back into the number series, to wonderful result.
  14. Play Magazine
    The scale of FFXII is so grand, so overwhelming, so vast, that comparisons to other video games--a proper review, in other words--borders on the impossible. [Jun 2006, p.69]
  15. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    Either way, Final Fantasy XII is a fitting send-off for the series on the PS2, and it justifiably has a chance to proclaim itself the best Final Fantasy on the Playstation. [Nov. 2006, p.106]
  16. It takes a lot of guts to completely change the entire formula of a well established and beloved series such as this. The developers took on this monumental task and proved that it is a great chan[g]e of pace.
  17. Simply the best game available on any system right now and is the best Final Fantasy to date.
  18. Final Fantasy XII revives my love of the Final Fantasy series and proves why the series is one of the best in the world. I would say that this game’s only real competition for RPG of the year would be "Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion."
  19. FFXII has my vote for Game of the Year for 2006, and I'd even go as far as to call it my personal Game of the Generation.
  20. Even if you rush through the story you can anticipate spending at least 50 hours to complete it. Rushing through is not as much fun, however, and you should take time to do the extra side quests, hunts, exploration, levelling up, etc.
  21. This is absolutely my favorite Final Fantasy title, a claim I probably would have laughed at two years ago when rumors about the game’s battle system began to circulate.
  22. 97
    Final Fantasy's final swan song for the PlayStation 2 is a complete masterpiece. Square Enix's attention to detail and love for their craft is embodied through and through. This is an adventure that will, without a doubt, stand the tests of time.
  23. The number of side quests offered makes leveling up fun instead of boring. FFXII also happens to be one of the most challenging Final Fantasy games I’ve played.
  24. 95
    Squeenix once again delivers a grand adventure, with the main quest being at least 60 hours. In a genre which many think has become redundant and stale, FFXII stands out with a unique battle system, endearing characters, and a beautifully crafted, well presented story.
  25. 95
    This is an extremely well-crafted game and the time taken to create it is highly evident. [JPN Import]
  26. PSM Magazine
    Even without any special incentives to replay through it once it's over, Final Fantasy XII offers a beautiful, well written, fun RPG experience that is both long and rewarding. Matsuno's team took some real chances with the gameplay this time around, but the results are pleasantly surprising. [Oct 2006, p.56]
  27. 95
    From beginning to end, this is the most complex Final Fantasy game yet, and it's just as evident in its plot as in its mechanics.
  28. 95
    A fantastic RPG. It blows all of its PS2 competition this year right out of the water and is among the all time elite role-players ever made for the system. "Kingdom Hearts," "Devil Summoner," "Xenosaga III," "Tales of the Abyss"... none of them are on the same level as Square Enix's bold and riveting move in a new direction.
  29. PSM3 Magazine UK
    An outstanding RPG. It's unmistakably Final Fantasy, but feels as fresh as any adventure on PS2. [Christmas 2006, p.73]
  30. Once you start playing, FF12 has an addicting quality to it that will cause you to skip meals and lose sleep, constantly pressing forward towards the next save point.
  31. As the last Final Fantasy of the current-gen, it delivers as the best of the bunch. An epic story, incredible characters, slightly-innovated battle system and some of the best graphics seen on the PS2 add up for an incredible journey any RPG fan shouldn't miss out on.
  32. Pelit (Finland)
    One of the best RPG’s on PS2. The story and the characters are excellent, the graphics breathtakingly beautiful and the new fighting-system is pure gold. [Feb 2007]
  33. It’s a flawed great game. The battle system is fast and fun, yet it’s a bit simple and repetitive. The license board provides non-linear character growth, yet there aren’t that many ways to raise the characters. The towns feel alive and outdo anything to date, yet the dungeons feel all too similar and repetitive. [JPN Import]
  34. Play UK
    Despite the demo being met with scepticism, Square Enix has crafted a truly fantastic game that is a stunning change of pace and feel for the Final Fantasy series, but still manages to stay largely true to its roots. Beautiful. [JPN Import; Issue #139, p.60]
  35. Where this games shines the brightest is in the new path it blazes, not the traditions it revisits. [Nov. 2006, p.132]
  36. Final Fantasy XII is flawed, and has all sorts of features seemingly designed to polarize fans. However, it is also a must-have RPG, and one of the best games of the year.
  37. One of those rare games that can be appreciated by both hardcore and casual fans alike, Final Fantasy XII may very well be Square's last great adventure, and a fitting sendoff, for the PlayStation 2.
  38. Games Master UK
    After its stormy development, FF12 isn't just a worthy installment of the series, but a great RPG in its own right, one that thinks differently and feels all the better for it. [JPN Import; June 2006, p.72] Stunning Design. [Feb 2007, p.66]
  39. 90
    Although Square has clearly found the limits of the PS2, Final Fantasy's new, seamless approach to exploration and combat works beautifully, and comes with all the depth of plot, character, and gameplay that we've come to expect from the name.
  40. Delivers everything you could possibly want in a role-playing game; it has a deep story, a ton of quests, great graphics and a brand new combat system. It's one of the few games where you can actually say that it's well worth the wait!
  41. Thanks to the strong attention to detail, the world of Ivalice feels less like a video game and more like an actual place. Not only are the actions and motivations of the various characters believable, but the characters themselves are often quite memorable to boot.
  42. There's still a disconnect between what happens during gameplay and what happens during cutscenes, but by integrating the combat and exploration, Final Fantasy has come one step closer to being more immersive than before.
  43. It has a lot of what FF fans have come to expect – high quality presentation, a grand adventure, a likeable cast, and lots of fighting. But, it also has a lot changes to which not everyone may warm up – gambits, revamped battle system, and a different way of storytelling.
  44. Edge Magazine
    A work of progressive genius that hauls its staid genre up by the bootstraps and takes its place alongside the WOWs and Oblivions of this world. It's altogether too good to be true. [Christmas 2006, p.74]
  45. It's an example of master storytellers at the height of their powers, and despite the shadow of its illustrious heritage, Final Fantasy XII is by far and away the best game in the series yet.
  46. A brilliant RPG that delivers on all fronts including quite possibly the most enthralling piece of narrative the series has ever seen.
  47. A masterclass in game design. Through expert sound, storytelling and gameplay you are enwrapped into the world of Ivalice.
  48. PSM2 Magazine UK
    FFXII is a gargantuan, gorgeous game with a gripping plot, likeable characters and an interesting new combat system that injects some much-needed life into the series. Wonderful. [JPN Import; June 2006, p.44]
  49. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    From its lively outdoor backdrops to the striking architecture found in its cities and dungeons, this PS2 title will even please--at least visually--those with next-gen FF firmly on the brain. [Nov. 2006, p.126]
  50. 89
    If any major criticism can be levelled at Final Fantasy XII, a finger would have to be pointed at the game's less than endearing storyline.
  51. Like FFX, it does not fit in that well with the rest of the series from a gameplay or stylistic standpoint, but it stands up beautifully alongside the likes of the Chrono and Seiken Densetsu franchises as a high-quality Square Enix RPG in its own right, even if it isn't one of the greatest of all time.
  52. It's an MMORPG without the second M or the O, and while it's not perfect by a damn sight, it's better than the last few FF games have been.
  53. 85
    By anticipating Final Fantasy XII as the greatest RPG ever made, there may be many harsh instances of disappointment. If you feel up to the massive challenge of appreciating this radical RPG, Final Fantasy XII will astound and mesmerise the heart and soul.
  54. While Fantasy has a captivating and ingenious battle system and thriving, beautifully designed cities set in an imaginative, fully realized world, it doesn’t have much of a story. The best narratives of political intrigue frame it as a personal struggle, but Fantasy is too concerned with the grand sweep of politics to bother with giving its cast interesting personalities.
  55. A great looking, well-written beast of an RPG, though some of its technical aspects could’ve operated more smoothly. We don’t like the fact that everything feels unorganized, or that we still have to spend so much time with menus, but we love the story and the world and the humongous levels of customization.
  56. The story soars, but not so often. The dungeons are long and meandering. The gameplay is effective, but not engrossing. It's a staggeringly well-made game that throws more at you than any other RPG on the PS2... but well-made doesn't necessarily mean "fun."
  57. Despite the massive size of its world and seemingly endless optional content, Final Fantasy XII feels like an unfinished, conflicted game. In the end, Square Enix’s developers seem to have fallen into the same trap the game’s waiting fans did - while the overall scope and ambition has gotten plenty of attention, the minute-to-minute play experience has been all but ignored.
  58. A highly polished game that is fun to play for many hours, but lacking in certain abstract deliverables the Final Fantasy series and the RPG genre are renowned for.
  59. There are a large number of secret missions for Espers, weapons and general loot, which should keep a completionist playing for a good number of hours, but I can’t help but feel like for all of its production values, depth, and size, Final Fantasy XII tries too hard to reinvent itself, missing those aspects that brought a swarm of fans to the series from FFVII.
  60. games(TM)
    Like it or not, the Final Fantasy series has come of age and this new approach to the genre is a breath of fresh air. [JPN Import; June 2006, p.108]
  61. The presentation, sound, and much of the story create a very lush, vibrant world that is waiting to be explored. However, the monotony of the battles, and how the story falls apart near the end make it more difficult to enjoy the game in the long run.

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  1. ScottB
    Feb 4, 2010
    A very rewarding experience and a majestic soundtrack. Whilst previous Final Fantasy games were rather linear, Final Fantasy 12 lets you go A very rewarding experience and a majestic soundtrack. Whilst previous Final Fantasy games were rather linear, Final Fantasy 12 lets you go exploring for yourself in a large open world. A fantasic new 'License Board' system brings new depth to levelling up, blowing Final Fantasy 10's 'Sphere Grid' completely out of the water. A true masterpiece. Full Review »
  2. CristianoM.
    Mar 2, 2008
    Boring... and boring... and boring. I can't believe my eyes when I read what most reviewers wrote about it. I have played through half Boring... and boring... and boring. I can't believe my eyes when I read what most reviewers wrote about it. I have played through half of the game more or less (I checked a walkthrough to see where I was) before I really called it a goner. I couldn't play anymore. In short: the music is poor, the visuals are uninspired (just like the music) with shabby colours and strong pixelation but worst of all: the gameplay is extremely repetitive, unoriginal, incapable of keeping a person awake for too long. The characters are on par with few exception. Never felt anything for practically any of them (with the only exception of Balthiar). I should have stopped at Final Fantasy VII (92% for me), a real Masterpice. Instead the parabol had just started to go then reach abysimal levels, Final Fantasy VIII (78%), Final Fantasy IX (70%), Final Fantasy X (61%), Final Fantasy XII (42%). Sqauresoft Enix won't get money from me anymore. Full Review »
  3. Dec 30, 2012
    My favorite game of all time. I'm still enamored by it, and find myself replaying it every other year. Great story, graphics, gameplay.My favorite game of all time. I'm still enamored by it, and find myself replaying it every other year. Great story, graphics, gameplay. Usually the reason people don't like this game is because of previous expectations, or because final fantasy fans are pricks who enjoy arguing about which is best. Full Review »