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  1. AceGamez
    Ford Street Racing is a budget game with some high production values, like a reasonable reproduction of LA, some neat ideas in the Team Racing mode, a good range of handling types and convincing AI drivers. The problem is, it's limited and boring.
  2. I know this is a bargain title, but I can’t come close to recommending Bold Moves to anyone other than the die hard Ford car fan.
  3. A completely broken team racing feature and other minor annoyances quickly add up to make this a game for diehard Ford fans only.
  4. A good game mechanic, but the barebones approach to racing and lack of any other distinguishing features makes the entire experience uninspiring.
  5. Ford Street Racing's biggest crime is to be an ambitionless entry in a genre already overstocked with faster, cooler titles.
  6. Not necessarily a terrible game – just a boring game. And although the game features some cool new accoutrements like Maximum Team Control® and real-time damage modeling, the excitement just falls flat on its face.
  7. I came into it expecting something terrible given the reputation of past Ford games, but I ended up with an above average game that didn’t really screw anything up, and actually featured innovation - so I’m quite pleased with it.
  8. Ford Bold Moves Street Racing, in spite of its faults, will offer some good hours of racing fun.
  9. Despite the title, there's nothing bold about this boring, vanilla racing game.
  10. If you love the idea of playing an interactive commercial for Ford Motors and own both an Xbox and a PS2, then go with the PS2 version. The graphics are about the same and the slightly longer load time on the PS2 will give you a much needed break from this monotonous racer.
  11. Ford Street Racing looks like a AAA game, has the features of a AAA game, but plays like a budget title that doesn't know its audience. With a little more time put into AI and physics, Ford Street Racing could easily be a game worth $30-$40.
  12. Only if you’re a fan of the classic blue oval should you even consider plopping down cash for this budget title – emphasis on budget.
  13. Fan boys will get they’re fix, and that’s about the extent of FBM’s scope, providing little to none entertainment value past the first 30 minutes.
  14. Even with the budget price, there are no compelling reasons to play Ford Bold Moves Street Racing with the terrible gameplay, awful graphics, and controls that are even worse.
  15. 35
    But it's worthless, and Eidos knows it. The game design is so transparent, the goal behind the game is so obvious, the lack of any morsel of fun is so far from the car and tracks and the playing of it…it's just exasperating. This is pure bargain bin trash.
  16. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    Fast and competitive, Ford Street Racing may be cheap but it's no clapped-out Cortina. [Mar 2006, p.106]
  17. Ford Bold Moves is a safe, by-the-book racing game that incorporates some rather fun team racing.
  18. Play UK
    It's only 20 quid. Which goes some way to explain the empty roads, the lack of music, the dodgy gameplay gimmick and the paltry 18 cars on offer. [Apr 2006, p.91]
  19. PSM Magazine
    It's a concept that works, but gets tough fast. [Nov. 2006, p.81]
  20. PSM2 Magazine UK
    A competent racer that stands out from the crowd by means of an interesting team race mode. Worth a look if you fancy a driving game with a difference. [Apr 2006, p.52]
  21. Although the low price and decent racing make this good value, it's uninspired stuff.
  22. Though there are some very solid concepts in place here, the execution feels unnecessarily limited. With better AI, more cars, and perhaps just a little more variety, this could have been a game that bucked the trend of budget releases.
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  1. Jan 31, 2017
    Juego mediocre y decepcionante. si bien el Ford Racing 3 no era perfecto si tenia ciertas cosas que se podrían disfrutar. un buen numero deJuego mediocre y decepcionante. si bien el Ford Racing 3 no era perfecto si tenia ciertas cosas que se podrían disfrutar. un buen numero de vehículos, pistas y retos. acá todo disminuye y todo baja. un juego de verdad nada recomendable. Full Review »