Generally favorable reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 25
  2. Negative: 0 out of 25
  1. With so much to do and unlock, great characters, killer music, and truly sick graphics, it's hard to find fault in freekstyle. [July 2002, p.78]
  2. With a great two-player head-to-head mode and 100 over-the-top stunts to perform, this makes regular motocross games look downright dull by comparison. [26 July 2002, p.71]
  3. 90
    The game motocross wannabes have been craving for years—and it’s just what you’d expect from EA’s Big series.
  4. 90
    You’ll be given the pleasure of tricking and tearing your way through some of the most crazy and freakish settings that the sick minds at EA Sports BIG could conjure up in their conspicuously concealed laboratories.
  5. The unholy cursing that took place wasn't directed at Freekstyle's design or gameplay, but rather, how dreadfully challenging the game manages to be. [July 2002, p.82]
  6. This game suffers from a terrible case of rubber-band AI and forces you to finish first to move on. Had this not been the case it could have been another instant classic.
  7. Essentially "SSX" on dirt with a couple of obvious and notable gameplay differences, plus more adrenaline and attitude.
  8. 82
    It's got tight control, serious speed and a cool tattoo and leather feel.
  9. 82
    Those that and can deal with the challenge and have the skill are still going to get a wide ride out of it that definitely worth the trip.
  10. There hasn't been a more thrilling motocross game since Nintendo's "Excitebike 64." [August 2002, p.124]
  11. This title feels as good as it looks thanks to its tight and responsive handling.
  12. Sporting an excellent sense of speed and tight controls, Freekstyle is undeniably fun. But its awkward learning curve and sinister AI will test the mettle of even the most ardent players.
  13. Points off for the annoying sound package and the use of cheap ‘rubber band’ CPU A.I. to keep the races competitive... A rewarding experience. Best EA Big title to date, hands down.
  14. Extreme games keep getting extremer, but it would be tough to top this hellish twist on motocross racing.
  15. 80
    Crashing through flaming glass hoops while pulling off death-defying aerial stunts at 98 mph makes it a hard game to turn off once you've perfected it, and a thoroughly addictive two-player mode will help you get there.
  16. More challenge than "Sled Storm," but more frustrating too...I still had a blast. [August 2002, p.108]
  17. 80
    Splendid gameplay topped by highly-involving action and some nice comedy touches.
  18. It offers great tracks, real-world bikers, encouraging music, and a huge satisfaction factor.
  19. A fun, difficult racer deeply entrenched in the SSX vein. It does what it does well, though it's not much of a departure.
  20. 73
    Its rubber-band AI is staggering in its cruelty.
  21. As expected, Freekstyle merely tweaks Big's entirely familiar, albeit brilliant, formula. [July 2002, p.34]
  22. Let down by a poor physics engine and terrible AI, Freekstyle just doesn’t cut the mustard – sure sometimes it has nice visuals, but this is at speed – I want to be able to sit back and look at the view, but there isn’t one.
  23. Freekstyle is a solid and often fun game that is sadly plagued by some niggling faults and the knowledge that both in terms of the genre and game style, this has been done better before.
  24. Freekstyle just doesn’t drip with love and attention the way "Tricky" does – its characters are nowhere near as appealing, its sound not as characterful, its gameplay not as polished and the package not as coherent.
  25. If you like "SSX," you won't like Freekstyle - don't be fooled by superficially-appealing first impressions. [PSM2]

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