Full Spectrum Warrior PlayStation 2


Mixed or average reviews - based on 24 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 24
  2. Negative: 1 out of 24
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  1. AceGamez
    It dares to do something different by taking an otherwise pretty stale genre and cramming it with innovation and creativity.
  2. With fantastic visuals that don’t seem to have suffered all that much from the transition from the Xbox, Full Spectrum Warrior will be sure to delight tactical strategy fans looking for something different.
  3. Just as playable on PS2 as it was the Xbox.
  4. The online portion really helps give the game added replay and depth to an already deep strategy game.
  5. A must-buy for anyone who loves strategy or squad-based combat games.
  6. 80
    Respect the idea. Respect the delivery. Respect the difference between this and every other action title around. But whatever you do, don't buy into FSW expecting the most polished game on PS2.
  7. Likening Full Spectrum Warrior to a game of chess is more accurate than you might think.
  8. If you can find it on another platform, do so. If not, this is still a hell of a way to present a basic strategy game, and one that mixes equal parts of presentation with gameplay. If only it didn't have to dip so much into one when the other was lacking.
  9. The PS2 version may not be as polished as the Xbox or PC version, but it manages to retain the essence of the game, which is the perfect blend of great action and strategy.
  10. There are a few flaws here and there, such as poor mic support, sluggish controls, and poor camera angles, but once you get past them, the game is quite fun and definitely worth more than its value.
  11. It's a bit unfortunate, though, that after a few missions the game starts to feel monotonous.
  12. Although frustration is certainly high at times it’ll be a foolish person who totally disregards Full Spectrum Warrior's potential and it pains me not to lavish untold awards onto the title but at times the game just appears flawed.
  13. Good overall, and it deserves credit for being something other than just another military-themed shooter or strategy game. It's just too bad that it isn't more involving.
  14. Unfortunately for many people, that initial shock and awe will give way to tedium as the realisation sets in that there aren’t any refreshing new concepts to spice up the gameplay as you progress through the game.
  15. Cheat Code Central
    If you have the option I would strongly suggest getting either the Xbox or the PC version. This game was designed for a more powerful system and while the PS2 certainly tries its best, Full Spectrum Warrior isn't all that it can be.
  16. True, it can be maddening at times not having direct control. But if you want a game that strikes a more happy medium between direct involvement and squad command, I can highly recommend "Star Wars Republic Commando."
  17. PSM Magazine
    It's just not quite all that it could be. [June 2005, p.80]
  18. Pelit (Finland)
    The PS2 conversion of the puzzlish war game tries its best, but the game is just too big to conveniently fit inside a console. [July 05]
  19. Fans of swearing in video games will also be pleased, as the friendlies have a tendency to shout "F**k" and "Sh*t" at the drop of a hat. Now that's authenticity!
  20. 65
    It's just a shame the actual game isn't more like the deeper, more realistic 'Army Mode' extra found in the Xbox version and not the limited, linear one we have here.
  21. The soft-focus haze of the original has inevitably suffered due the PS2’s lack of hardware anti-aliasing and indeed, the watery recreation here simply makes the low-res textures and dull palette look muddy and indistinct.
  22. 60
    A messy port of the year-old Xbox version, bearing disappointing graphics and sound.
  23. If you’ve played "Brothers in Arms" you will no doubt find Full Spectrum Warrior a less refined, more plodding title.
  24. Since it’s not really an action game, and since it depends so heavily on graphics and control to even get anything out of it, I’d recommend the PC version over the PS2 or the Xbox.

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  1. BobJ.
    Oct 21, 2005
    I thought that it was a good game. but they could of put more comands in for hiding and using different objects. for example lying on theI thought that it was a good game. but they could of put more comands in for hiding and using different objects. for example lying on the ground. overall a really cool and interesting game. not many of these on the market. Full Review »
  2. NikhilD.
    May 15, 2005
    Awesome stuff.Kicks the ass of prince of persia series.Undoubtedly the best action game to hit the ps2.
  3. KEITHL.
    Apr 22, 2005
    Good game. Very cool. Keeping cover is key. It has a steath type feel to it. You move more methodically (strategically). It really gives you Good game. Very cool. Keeping cover is key. It has a steath type feel to it. You move more methodically (strategically). It really gives you the feeling your in a real war. I read reviews complaining about the "frame rate". It's really not an issue. The only time you realy notice it is when you send your troops long distances. Even then, it has a war gritty type of look to it. I highly recommend this game. If you like squad type war games - check this out. Full Review »