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  • Summary: (Also known as "Gallop Racer Lucky 7" in Japan) High-resolution graphics, advanced racing, and a variety of new modes take Gallop Racer 2004 to a higher level in digital horse racing fun. Old favorites such as the betting system and the classic season mode will also be back in the new title. Features: Enhanced Revolution Mode. Players will now be able to experience the perfect ride using the "Ability" setting to create an enhanced revolution called the "Big Revolution". Dramatic graphics such as the screen breaking into a million pieces like a mirror will add to the player's rush once they achieve the "Big Revolution". Affinity of Ability System. A new breeding system that allows the player to produce a maximum of eight original horses at one time. Once created these horses can be used as either the player's ride of choice or used as a rival's horse. Increased Camera Angles. Allowing the player to see their horse from every angle during the race will keep their blood pumping. Season Mode. With over 17 characters battling it out for the title of top jockey, the season mode has never been hotter or more intense! New Stages. Various new stages such as competitions against rivals and negotiations with trainers help to create the complete horse racing experience. Improved Graphics. High-resolution textures, enhanced effects, and improved use of shadow and depth of color immerse have been included to make the game look more natural and realistic. More Tracks and Horses. Featuring over 4,000 new horses and 42 tracks. [Tecmo] Expand
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  1. Remember, this is not an arcade experience. This game is more for serious sim lovers of an equine bent. If you’ve ever played (and liked) any games of this series, you’ll probably like this latest version and its requisite additional bells and whistles.
  2. I continue to be hooked on Gallop Racer for one simple thing, it’s depth.
  3. The multiplayer aspect of GP 2004 is an absolute blast. There’s nothing like the excitement and tension of racing against a human player when you round that final turn, neck and neck, frantically fighting the urge to not make your move too soon, especially if your foe begins to pull away.
  4. While multiplayer is a nice addition, it really pays to have friends who actually enjoy the game’s delicacies. Otherwise, they’ll likely be turned off by the whole thing.
  5. 72
    This game is trial by fire and if you don't like to get burned by complex games, then this is one you'd want to avoid. This one is for the hardcore and the faithful.
  6. With more than 4000 horses and nearly 40 racing track options, with variables such as weather and track conditions, there is little room for repetition and boredom. [Oct 2004, p.42]
  7. 40
    For anyone with a passing interest in the sport, we recommend dusting off those lawn darts and firing up the barbeque.

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  1. CynthiaD.
    Oct 22, 2004
    This game is awesome. The graphics are very good. The game play is almost too difficult. This just challenges me to try that much harder to overcome these obstacles. I bought GR2004 the day it arrived at my local shop and have played it nearly every day since. Expand
  2. JulieH.
    Jan 9, 2005
    GAllop Racer 2004 is the bomb! It has beautiful horses and cool season mode.
  3. DonZ.
    Jan 30, 2005
    What a great game!
  4. MichaelG.
    Apr 5, 2005
    This game is not for everyone but its depth is very gratifying for a gamer who appreciates such things. I feel like the way the game is designed allows for more replay value than a new breed. Expand
  5. DanielleH.
    Mar 25, 2005
    This is the best game ever.
  6. [AnonymousHorse-EnvyVictim]
    Sep 26, 2004
    Being new to the horse racing sim genre, does not allow me to rank this game against its predecessors. It seems that this is where the game falls flat on its "metascore". [Ed: nice...] Overall, this game is quite in-depth. For a player that is new to this series there is an immense learning curve which makes the game extremely frustrating. Many times, I thought that I had finally figured out what was going on, until I came in dead last on the next race. Ironically, my girlfriend who is not a gamer much out side the Final Fantasy realm has been kicking my butt. Maybe, I am just jealous. It is apparent that there is "fun to be had". I just don't know if I will get past the learning curve to have that "fun". Collapse