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  2. Negative: 1 out of 21
  1. Hands down, this is by far the best console RTS that I have played to date, and it really helps console owners who haven’t played PC RTS titles to see what all the fun is about.
  2. If only Goblin Commander's visuals matched the majesty of its design... I absolutely love it, though. [Dec 2003, p.83]
  3. 80
    We're more than happy to except the game's flaws in exchange for a stellar RTS experience. Though it certainly hasn't reached the same level of excellence as its forbearers from the 16-bit era (or matched the complex brilliance of its PC counterparts for that matter), Unleash the Horde is still the best of its kind to hit consoles in a very long time.
  4. This game proves thqat RTS games can be done right on a console. [Jan 2004, p.131]
  5. It's guaranteed not to frustrate the hell out of you while offering a challenge for each and every game.
  6. It's not the prettiest game going, but its reliance on tense, cinch-your-belt strategy with limited forces is a welcome break from the near-mindless tank- (or in this case, monster-) rush blues.
  7. Tinges of monotony near the end of the game aside, there is plenty here to love, and if you’ve been searching for a good, solid real-time strategy game for consoles that succeeds in spirit where PC-to-console ports have failed, this is a rather smart buy.
  8. Tinges of monotony near the end of the game aside, there is plenty here to love, and if you’ve been searching for a good, solid real-time strategy game for consoles that succeeds in spirit where PC-to-console ports have failed, this is a rather smart buy.
  9. 75
    A very good RTS, and anyone who complains that it lacks the depth of a PC RTS is entirely missing the point.
  10. It's not as deep as its PC brethren, but it has subtleties and advantages that could stand to make their way into more visible strategy titles. It's just too bad that it starts so slowly, and that it allows you to go on auto-pilot so often.
  11. If you like the idea of an RTS but never manage to get the hang of all the complicated tactics and procedures this is the perfect game for you. It's got some good ideas well implemented, it's fun to play and essentially it plays like an introduction to the world of RTS.
  12. 71
    The real shame is that the lack of single-player or online Skirmish mode really destroyed any chance of me being able to recommend this game as a purchase; the lack of replay value really hurts the overall package tremendously.
  13. It may not win a beauty contest, or leave you humming its soundtrack in the shower, but these are faults I can overlook considering the amount of fun it delivers. The lack of any significant multiplayer hurts as well, and may very well be a deal breaker for some.
  14. While PC strategy veterans will find that the gameplay is pretty basic, console owners starved for a real-time strategy game should find Goblin Commander to be a worthwhile experience.
  15. Tactically, it's pretty boring, but if you can get into the goblins' expendable-offense mindset, it's a smashing time.
  16. The controls are perfect, but the gameplay is a little too simplistic. [Holiday 2003, p.48]
  17. You'd also have thought there'd be a fair share of humour in there, what with a Goblin's lack of social etiquette but it's a poker-faced affair, with your troops acting more like honourable Knights of the Round Table than dirty, thieving, man-flesh eating gits. Damn shame.
  18. I may be a novice when it comes to playing this type of game, but even I know there's more to a good RTS than this.
  19. Nobody, nobody at all, walks into a game shop and thinks: "Hey, goblins are pretty cool. Today I want to be a goblin." When the goblins in question have been rendered with almost no character or charm, this merely compounds the lack of emotional connection. [Mar 2004, p.106]
  20. An all-right RTS, but why settle for it when you can get a much better one on a PC? [Jan 2004, p.120]
  21. Ironically, the developer has actually been very successful in mapping a superbly intuitive control system to the gamepad, and by enabling direct control of your Titan a basic action element is introduced. Yet by totally amputating any strategic scope from the RTS equation, the ensuing battles becoming virtually pointless affairs. [Mar 2004, p.111]
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  1. NickW
    Oct 5, 2008
    It's important to look at this as a CONSOLE RTS, and not compare it to PC RTS's. Of course the PC will have superior RTS games, it's got better controls and more support in the form of online multiplayer.

    So what am I trying to say? I'm saying that Goblin Commander is a worthy RTS, and worth buying used from Gamestop or Ebay or wherever. It's challenging without being frustrating, fun without being too easy, and a success as a console RTS. So stop comparing it to its PC cousins, and go out and get this fun game.
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  2. JasonM.
    Sep 2, 2004
    An incredible piece of work to say the least. The simplicity of it all really made me enjoy it, the story line wasnt great as opposed to some other games, a little more thought could've been put into that area. However, the storyline in any RTS isnt what your interested in, am I right? You want war, big brutes, power and the ability to set up a suitable defence well running off to lay seige to your enemys encampment, well that all is in Goblin Commander, to be honest. At first I thought, 'This can't be so great, I mean, you must only be able to use like one type of goblin' But boy was I wrong you can pick up to 36 different units ont he map for each team, which can end in a catacylismic brawl of 72 units. Which is very reasonable for RTS on a console. You can also take direct control of units allowing you to zoom in and get close up's of the area aroudn you, to be honest, this is an adventure game crossed with and RTS game. You can buy a bunch of upgrades for your goblins attack, defense, health and even a special bonus upgrade for each clans special unit, or support unit that hones special abilities that vary from healing your units, to dissolving other units armor. The maps aren't flat out, but rigid and bumpy, allowing for a more realistic experiance. Climb the mountains with your units, or wade through dark swamp waters. Watch as the games elements come into play, lightning strking in frn tof you add's a shock to the game, while rain, sleet, hail and snow make it mysterious. Fog can also shadow forcoming danger, that why in this game, you need to hunt in groups, as theres enemies around every nook, cranny, and bend. And another great thing are the runestones, they grant you god like powers to pour meteors down upon your enemies, lash down a thunder bolt upon them, or even cause acid rain. But the favorite, and possibly most enjoyable part of this game for many fans like myself was the titans, huge brutes that deal out massive damage and some even have one hit kill attacks. One of them has the ability to eat units to recover its health, were another can transform itself into a moving tornado and blow them away. Incredible is what this game is, it is a definte must buy. And for those that say titans arent worth their gold, I must object. If you know how to use them, their worth every penny. Just dont let them become swarmed by high level units. Full Review »
  3. KrogothK.
    Dec 11, 2003
    Great game, simple for RTS fans that don't want to memorze 500 pages of controller information. Great storyline, great species. The funny character modeling actually gives it an old skool arcade look. Dazzling. Full Review »