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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 38
  2. Negative: 0 out of 38
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  1. 90
    A marvelous game with a few minor flaws that don't really kill the experience. With a lovable cast, mouth-watering graphics, and an innovative battle system, Grandia III is an excellent addition to any RPG aficionado's collection. [JPN Import]
  2. Play Magazine
    Grandia III may not be everything it could have been, but it's a great game nonetheless. [Mar 2006, p.39]
  3. Grandia III could be a bit deeper on the length and replay value, but if you play toward its strengths, build up your characters properly, and get everything you can out of the combat, this game will give you your 40 hours of addiction and then some.
  4. The design of the game will be familiar to all fans of the series, and I believe it’s safe to saw that Grandia III may be the best installment of the series so far. A must-have, especially for fans of the series.
  5. Play UK
    Does almost everything well, from the involving story and beautiful graphics to the compelling characters, and does one thing - the battle system - better than any other RPG we've seen. [Issue#139, p.90]
  6. Weekly Famitsu
    9 / 8 / 9 / 9 - 35 platinum [Aug 2005]
  7. Game Informer
    Grandia III's beauty never ceases to amaze, but above all, this game just grips you with its winsome storytelling. [Mar 2006, p.104]
  8. What it lacks in an original storyline and length, it more than makes up for with its gorgeous graphics, interesting characters, and polished to perfection battle system.
  9. Grandia III hooked me in every other way possible, which is an amazing feat no doubt. I love it and am glad to have experienced it. But unlike RPGs with a great story, which I must experience again and again, I can't see myself playing through Grandia III a second time.
  10. Playing it may bring back memories of the multi-disc RPG epics the PlayStation often played host to, full of promising storylines and lovable characters. They often felt like they fell a little short of the mark in the end, and Grandia III in some ways shared that feeling.
  11. Grandia III's story isn't tedious, but neither is it memorable. It begins well but never gels.
  12. If you're looking for great, satisfying combat, look no further, but be ready and willing to wade through the story.
  13. 84
    An incredibly fun, enjoyable game. I know, however, that GameArts is a much more capable developer than what they demonstrate through their latest release in the series. [JPN Import]
  14. If you've got the patience and don't mind the forgettable plot, give Grandia III a try. You might just be hooked.
  15. Grandia's semi-real-time battles are superb, offering just the right balance of strategy and visual flair, and the new aerial combos are a blast. The plot starts to suffer a bit on disc 2, and the quest is fairly linear, but the fun battles and quick pacing will keep you hooked.
  16. Grandia III takes the basic RPG ingredients and cooks up a great, solid RPG that is guaranteed to satisfy millions of hungry RPG fans worldwide.
  17. 80
    The brilliant graphics and intriguing combat system make Grandia III an excellent choice for PS2 RPGers-and should happily tide them over until "Final Fantasy XII" arrives. [Mar 2006, p.102]
  18. The only real problem is that the game can and does feel very restricted, almost claustrophobic in how it drags you along from area to area, and plot point to plot point. There is next to no sense of getting to explore on your own.
  19. 80
    Grandia is a game best served in smaller doses, although the paucity of save globes in some of the more dangerous areas of the game means the intrepid gamer will have to trek on for long stretches at a time.
  20. Grandia III is a game filled with polish, slick visuals, and a fantastic battle system. It just happens to be bogged down by a fairly mediocre story.
  21. 80
    It's hard to pin down why it's great in a few words or bullet points, but once you play it -- and play it you should -- the quality will be evident.
  22. 80
    Still, if you can stick with it through the boring movie and dialogue sequences, there’s an excellent adventure waiting for you in this grand world.
  23. The underrated Grandia RPG series gets its third game, and wows us with its engaging story, superbly involving battles and sleek visuals.
  24. Grandia III is nowhere near perfect and it's definitely not one of the better rpgs on the system. But the battles are so much fun that most won't really mind when the story falls to pieces. [JPN Import]
  25. 76
    Despite its relatively short playing time and lack of things to do outside the main quest, its battle system, initial character introductions, and boss fights are compelling enough to warrant a total playthough.
  26. The bad news is that the story's a bit uninspired, and the game itself doesn't last very long. Despite that, the experience is still sustained well by its character interactions and enjoyable combat, and it's a nice option for role-playing fans looking for something unique.
  27. If you're looking for an epic RPG, forget it. The game is linear, not lending itself to exploration. The maps' paths are laid out for you, so you don't have to fire up a brain cell to navigate.

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#21 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2006
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 55 Ratings

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  1. PeterThompson
    Jul 20, 2009
    A lot of fun. Once you get into it, it can take up a lot of your time with missions, powering up the character, learning the different spellsA lot of fun. Once you get into it, it can take up a lot of your time with missions, powering up the character, learning the different spells etc. From someone who finishes a game a year at best, this one has me hooked. As I wind down into the 45 hour range, I know it's ending - and the mark of a good game for me is: I wish it wasn't. Full Review »
  2. Dec 13, 2017
    Es un juego excelente, sin duda uno de los mejores de la historia. Una compra segura y además es largo!! Totalmente recomendado. Es bastanteEs un juego excelente, sin duda uno de los mejores de la historia. Una compra segura y además es largo!! Totalmente recomendado. Es bastante lineal, pero si no fuera así no transmitiría las emociones que transmite.
    Sencillamente es un juegazo!!
    Full Review »
  3. Sep 14, 2016
    The game will be reviewed under year 2006 standards.

    Aside from it's unique dream of "man taking it to the skies" the rest of Grandia III
    The game will be reviewed under year 2006 standards.

    Aside from it's unique dream of "man taking it to the skies" the rest of Grandia III is "the" ultimate cliche. There's a headline for you. To understand that, you'd have to buy the game, which of course debate the writing at the bottom of this review.

    Most newcomers will be fooled at first believing it's battle system is original, but it's actually just the Final Fantasy series' ATB system, where your party members take turns attacking, and then must wait for a specified amount of time before said party member can act act again. It is a reoccurring element in the Grandia games, and one that most will easily adapt too. Certain attacks party members do can cancel enemy moves, and sometimes knock them in the sky, allowing other party members to combo attack them. Cancelling is a decent feature. Unfortunately the combo attacks are lost by mid-game as most enemies become immune to being knocked off the ground. Overall, the combat system is nothing spectacular nor dreadful.

    The game must be saved at a save point, which appears to look like a rainbow orb. Loading your file up resumes your adventure from that save. If all party members are incapicitated during battle; you will receive a game over and be kicked to the main menu. In other-wards you go back to the last place you saved. This in itself is fine. It teaches players not to get too cocky when encountering stronger foes, or otherwise participating in multiple battles. Unfortunately, the save points get spammed so much (as in there's too many save points) that it begins to lose that meaning.

    It comes with a skill and magic customization system, where you can choose exactly what special abilities and magic you want on your party. As you do more battles, you'll unlock more slots, which in turn lets you equip more magic and abilities. But no matter how many you get, one will find that the variety is always lacking one way or the other.

    The game will take about 50 hours to complete. In the end, I'm not going to tell anyone to buy this game or avoid it. There was a lot more I was going to say about Grandia III, but was cut due to spoilers or being too negative on a slightly above average game that doesn't deserve the hate.
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