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  1. 85
    A great music game, one that has a track list that almost seems like it was written expressly for the purpose of this title. A lot of care was put into the production to ensure that it is both true to the band and its music, while also offering fans cool insight into the group's on-goings.
  2. Get into Hetfield's skin with the best Guitar Hero spin-off to date.
  3. Guitar Hero: Metallica is certainly not a revolution, but this new and funny new entry in the musical series will satisfy every fan of the band.
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  1. MetallicaFan
    Jun 9, 2009
    I love Metallica and Guitar Hero and I would have given the game a 10...However Sony and Activision have screwed something up because my copy will not work on my 1 year old PS2! I have noticed A LOT of people are having this same issue. It is a problem that is becoming more apparent with PlayStation as there are several other games I have purchased in the past that have this same problem. Full Review »