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  1. Aug 2, 2011
    Basically, GUITAR HERO: SMASH HITS is an easy way to get the best songs from GUITAR HERO, GUITAR HERO II, and GUITAR HERO III: LEGENDS OF ROCK on the PS2, PS3, X360, or Wii--when the first game only was released for the PS2 and the second was only released for the PS2 and X360. It great if you love classic rock; there's a lot of that you can find here. Full Review »
  2. Mr.Z
    Jul 31, 2009
    Cash-In alert! This has to be one of the laziest Guitar Hero releases i've seen yet. It's titled "Smash Hits", yet it contains so-called "Smash Hits" like: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", "Barracuda" and "Cherry Pie". Don't get me wrong! Those are pretty good songs, but for a "Smash Hits" compilation, let alone on a super popular and well known franchise like "Guitar Hero", it just doesn't cut it. In fact, half of the "Smash Hits Setlist" is not even worth it. The only things that saves this game from a waste of cash is the Full band support, further use of the World Tour engine and gameplay mechanics, and a majority of songs got a small (But worth the change) makeover for the note charts. Not to mention, some songs are easier to play. For example: "Through The Fire And Flames" is actually much more possible on Expert, and certain solos on songs like "Round and Round" and "Bark at the Moon" are easier to well..Solo, thanks to the game mechanics. Otherwise, that's about it. A ton of Guitar Hero fanatics and addicts will have already played a majority of these titles (On Guitar/Bass mode, anyways.), resulting in a "Been there, done that" scenario more than once. So if you're itching to play a few former Guitar Hero songs on a brand new engine, either alone or with a full band, this is okay for a few nights rent, or a purchase if you're a Guitar Hero addict or whatnot. But i'd advise "Guitar Hero: Metallica" or "Guitar Hero: World Tour", for your money. But that's just me. --Mr.Z --TL;DR Version-- Pros: --Older GH songs on a newer game engine with all the newer, flashier mechanics. --Full Band Support. --Some songs got a note chart revamp. Cons: --Half of the setlist is a "Been there, done that" scenario, and to mention; NOT SMASH HITS. --Unless you're a GH addict who wants full band support and what not, this really isn't worth the full price tag. Full Review »