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  • Summary: Gungrave challenges gamers to kick some serious butt as Grave, a long-dead assassin sent back to earth to annihilate seemingly endless legions of merciless enemies. Players battle their way through massive, destructible areas in over-the-top anime-inspired action, earning insane special attacks and otherworldly power-ups as they embark on a mission of revenge and devastation. Featruing destructible environments, hordes of relentless foes and stunning art by anime legend Yasuhiro Naito, Gungrave is equal parts stylish anime thriller, Hollywood blockbster and heart-pounding action game. Collapse
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  1. Has an elegant anime look that makes it a must-play East-meets-Western. [11 Oct 2002, p.86]
  2. 80
    Shooting things, when properly presented, is one hell of a lot of fun, and Gungrave presents more shooting packed more densely with more impressive style than just about any other game in the last several years.
  3. A lot like Gradius or Raiden. You’re basically maneuvering around enemy fire while mashing on the fire button.
  4. Basically a vanity game made by Anime fans for Anime fans which sticks to its guns to create a shallow shoot-’em-up with an inspired styling.
  5. 65
    Suave and stylish, courtesy of character designs by famed anime artist Yasuhiro Nightow (Trigun), it's unfortunately far too short, underwhelming, and the general aesthetic is liable to be beyond the comprehension of anyone who couldn't tell a Gundam from a gumball.
  6. Gungrave definitely looks cool. It's also a textbook case for why great graphics don't do you much good if the underlying game is shallow.
  7. A great animated cartoon cleverly disguised as a rather lame Playstation 2 game. Great presentation is wasted on forgettable gameplay.

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  1. Jan 14, 2013
    A great game often overlooked by many. This game upholds the tradition of great Japanese gaming classics: the gameplay is satisfying and never bogged down mid-level. The controls are wonderfully responsive, and despite the mayhem on screen it's never difficult to understand what is going on. In terms of presentation and story, it improves on its predecessor in every way by introducing even more likeable characters, bigger levels and more of the same great, electrifying big band jazz BGM. Despite the limitations of the PS2 hardware which resulted in occasional frame-rate drops this game delivers a satisfying experience and an enjoyable story full of likeable characters. Despite being shallow in some aspects, I was nevertheless able to glean hours of fun from this game by replaying the story and bonus modes. Moreover, it did all of this at the price of a budget title. This is a must play if you own a PS2. Expand

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