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  1. 84
    "Armored Core 2" may have depth to burn, but as far as actual gameplay goes, Gun Griffon is king.
  2. A fun, strategic game that doesn't ram reality down your throat.
  3. GGB does not have much in the way of storyline -- a continuation of the previous Gungriffon games' post-apocalyptic military scenario -- or extras, but it doesn't need those things. It is extremely fast and fun and easy to play, and it is a solid title worthy of buying.
  4. 70
    While battles are fast and furious they can get confusing and despite the presence of a compass there is no radar to show where the enemies are.
  5. This has got to be one of the nippiest first-person shooters we have ever played. It just reacts so well that you can''t fail to feel that you''re performing a useful role in the battle and are not just there to stomp around while looking fierce.
  6. Unfortunately, it’s enjoyable for maybe a week. By that time, all five missions will have been finished and you’ll get tired of the bland graphics. If you were hoping for something similar to "Mechwarrior 4," keep waiting.
  7. Da Gameboyz
    The game is quick, the music is fast and there is enough strategy planning and intelligent AI to keep you on your toes. And hey, the machines look great!
  8. The action never lets up and while there's no real depth or strategy, it's a damn good blast that really gets the adrenaline pumping.
  9. It needs a few more levels and a few multiplayer options to enter into the top tier of elite PS2 action games, but until then it's an all too brief affair worth playing but not owning (unless you're committed).
  10. If you're into speed and tight combat control rather than detailed customization, GunGriffon Blaze is the game for you.
  11. The most glaring drawback of gameplay is that there's no effective radar/tracking system to point you towards your remaining enemies, especially when they're out of range.
  12. Daily Radar
    An exhilarating first-person mech shooter, it has its share of shortcomings, but in some respects leaves Core's also excellent title in the dust.
  13. CNET Gamecenter
    Its intense gameplay, quality graphics, and tight control will appeal to anyone looking to get their action fix.
  14. If only it were longer and more diverse it could've filled out it's great control and feel.
  15. At times the game is a confusing mix between the real and the surreal, but the saddest truth is that this unique experience is over much too soon.
  16. Antagonist
    If you're not into giant robots blastin' the crap out of things, skip it.

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#32 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2000
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  1. Mar 23, 2014
    A hugely underrated game. Only downside is the often poor English translation, but it's still understandable. Looking at modern games likeA hugely underrated game. Only downside is the often poor English translation, but it's still understandable. Looking at modern games like Titanfall and Hawken, it becomes clear how much of their lineage and inspiration they owe to this game, in the genre of FPS mech battles. It's aged far better than the game it was accused of ripping off, Armored Core. Definitely worth picking up, and if you can't find it, PCSX2 emulation works wonderfully. Full Review »