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  • Summary: The Final Stand... In this, the final episode in the .hack saga, play as the outlaw player Kite to finally unravel the mystery behind "The World". And this time it?s against the clock... As events in "The World" continue to create havoc in the real world, CC Corp faces increasing pressure to move the game servers offline game servers offline, meaning certain death for all comatose victims. It?s up to you now. Can you cure this virus and restore order in "The World?" And can you do it before time runs out for your friend, Orca? [Bandai] Expand
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  1. 90
    If you’re only going to play one game in this franchise, .hack//QUARANTINE is the one to get. A powerful plot (including the series’ conclusion) and access to most of the gameplay from the prior three games makes it the definitive title in the series.
  2. 83
    When all is said and done --and despite its four-game/$200 price tag -- we found the long-time investment definitely worth it; we just hope that Bandai (and anyone else for that matter) ever decide to try it again.
  3. But if you are a fan, you’ll find that Quarantine ups the ante on battle and quest difficulty, sometimes maddeningly so, and finally ties up enough loose plot ends to satisfy.
  4. As a concept, .hack is a great one, but perhaps one which should not have been stretched past two games at the most.
  5. I just don’t think it’s worth the time, effort and above all expense of the Dot Hack series.
  6. Bandai's decision to pad one good game's worth of content with about 60 to 80 hours' worth of filler, and to split that game into four full-priced products spread out over a year, remains disappointing.
  7. The in game music does not really make an impact on the player, with boring melodies that are simple and repetitive.

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