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  1. Half-hearted port that doesn't excel in any category.
  2. There's little to no challenge present throughout the entire game, the story only makes sense if you already know the plot and there's a lack of things to do outside of the three main gameplay mechanics. Buy if you're a mega fan, but avoid if you like your games with even a tiny amount of depth.
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  1. Mar 3, 2016
    Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince
    A repetitive wizard experience
    IF you’ve seen the movie or read the book you know what to expect
    Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince
    A repetitive wizard experience
    IF you’ve seen the movie or read the book you know what to expect story wise.. I having done neither didn’t know what I was getting myself into, and was ultimately disappointed in the overall delivery.
    The feel of this game starts out great, youre slowly introduced to the mechanics of the game in a way that never feels like a tutorial..
    The entirety of the game take place at Hogwarts…
    You feel like youre just a student..
    You run around solving the problems of other students and dealing with bullies…
    You can also collect crests and wiggle your wand at shiny things until a bunch of mini crests come out.
    As of course you would expect from wand wiggling.
    This is a wizards school so the stair cases move as you move, so going out on your own could get a little confusing, luckily you have a guide in the form of nearly headless nick
    with the press of a button, he will appear and lead your to your next objective..
    This is the most clever way to help the player progress that ive ever seen…
    All of this is great..
    You get to make potions by quickly following recipes, you get to duel with your wand, you get to play quidditch and you get to do these 3 things over and over and over…
    The entire story is I need to make this potion, bring it back to whoever but on your way someone stops you to duel,
    Dueling can be pretty fun the first couple times, but I feel like the spells are not nearly as responsive as they should be which can lead to a couple of frustrating losses, and in between this dueling and potion making you have to play a pass through the rings game of quiddich,
    much like dueling, this is fun for the first few times, luckily missing a ring doesn’t fail you like it would in any other game, but I found it hard at times to see whats going on with the sun shining in my eyes like rihanna.
    The story here though is of course figuring out who the half blood prince is, who owned the recipe book that harry potter now has…
    This story will slide in all of your favorite characters, but the ending lacked any punch in what could have been a very sad moment..
    It felt rushed and all over the place lacking any true emotion from me or the characters…
    This game has some potentially great things going for it… the magic of harry potter is here…
    its just doesn’t do enough different throughout your 4 hour journey.
    I give Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince a 6.5/10
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