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  • Summary: In the near future, convicted criminals are required to donate body parts to benefit the rich instead of serving time. A government approved service known as the Anti Crime Network employs 'Headhunters' to capture felons using non-lethal weaponry to preserve their vital organs. As dishonoured Headhunter Jack Wade, you are hired by Angela Stern - daughter of the recently murdered head of the CAN - to discover the truth behind her father's death. Sega's adventure infuses stealth and arcade action with an extremely dark sense of humour. [SCEE] Expand
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  1. Aside from a few camera quirks and some excessive load times, Headhunter is almost a perfect gaming experience from the opening movie to the closing credits. The clever mix of VR training, cycling through town, stealth, and weapons combat all combine for one great action title.
  2. 83
    Ever wanted to play an action movie? Here's your chance. [June 2002, p.64]
  3. While never reaching the same heights as Metal Gear Solid 2, Headhunter is still a solid action game with a lot of bite.
  4. Its graphics fall short of the best the console has to offer, but its blend of action, stealth, and driving manages to keep things interesting throughout.
  5. 72
    One of the game's biggest deficiencies is the camera, which doesn't work well when you're in attack mode.
  6. While Headhunter does well to borrow from games like "Metal Gear Solid 2" and the sort of comically futuristic world found in movies like Robocop, it falls short with it’s blandly typical story and constant cliché rip-offs that cheapen the experience.
  7. The technical faults of this shoddy port put a big fat smudge on an otherwise great game. [June 2002, p.98]

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