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  • Summary: He might be small, but he's one angry Ninja! Despite his size, I-Ninja is the consummate warrior who has spent years mastering his weapons and honing his skills. Challenged by the world's most wicked villain, Master O-Dor and his menacing army of Ranx, I-Ninja is graceful in honor and deadly in combat. With extreme agility he traverses unknown environments and conquers all that is evil. There is no challenge too big or risk too great for I-Ninja! Gravity defying game play -- utilize new specialized manga-style ninja moves to navigate through each dynamic environment. Multiple Weapons -- use shurikens, swords, blowguns, rocket launchers, guided missiles and more! Challenging enemies and ruthless bosses -- fight the invading Ranx Army on the ground, in the air, in the sea -- even face off with a menacing 150-foot Giant Robot! Imaginative missions and environments -- a wide variety of thrilling missions, mini-quests, and unique powerups span across 5 immense environments uniquely designed to incite I-Ninja's special Rage abilities. [Namco] Expand
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  1. If rich visuals, stunning environments, and the most diversity-packed gameplay of this year or any other sound good to you, I have a ninja for you to meet. [Dec 2003, p.81]
  2. 86
    Combining some entertaining moments, some good cheeky humour, and of course a great Ninja theme, i-Ninja will keep you playing... and may just have you calling out Hei ya! just a little too loud.
  3. I-Ninja takes the stereotypes typically used around ninja characters, and exploits them into quite a humorous and enjoyable game.
  4. A terrific treat for the eyes. The gameplay is simplistic and veteran gamers should pass on this, as it won’t be a diversion for long. But younger players may find this a wonderful little arcade adventure in a lush world.
  5. A stand-out platformer that succeeds in its variety and fun. A few sub-par missions detract from its main platform aspects, but the tight gameplay and high-strung Ninja mascot slices a welcome niche in the platform genre.
  6. 70
    At the top of the reserves list above Muto, Vexx, and some of the other borderline games, but there are more ambitious titles out there.
  7. 50
    A lackluster, by-the-numbers platformer.

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  1. Aug 22, 2012
    I have no idea why this game has such a low score!!

    It's a platformer where you can kick back relax and have fun! :)
  2. Apr 30, 2011
    A formulaic, but wildly fun platformer for all ages. Pros: Engaging main character; lots of fun level design, gameplay elements, and secrets; solid controls; fantastic visuals. Cons: Formulaic; repetitious; too short, too shallow. Expand
  3. Nov 12, 2011
    Despite the frustrating challenges and missions, I-Ninja is still an Incredibly fun platformer. The game contains a simple (but appealing) visual direction, solid controls, a catchy soundtrack and a great sense of humour, especially when Billy West voices as the main protagonist in this game. The story and boss fights were pretty forgettable, but somehow the nostalgic atmosphere of the game becomes easily playable. If you are looking for a 3D platformer with a lot of collecting and tough challenges, then I-Ninja is right up your turf. Too bad this is the only game from the I-Ninja franchise, which never got a sequel after the game's release. Expand

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