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  • Summary: (Also known as "Fahrenheit") New York, January 2009. For no apparent reason, ordinary people are killing total strangers in public places. Although there is no link between the murderers, they all seem to respect exactly the same ritual and pattern. Lucas Kane becomes another of these murderers when he kills a stranger in the men's room of a restaurant. Haunted by strange visions, he must keep one step ahead of the police to find out what is happening to him. Inspector Carla Valenti and her teammate agent Tyler Miles are in charge of the investigation. A series of disturbing clues projects them into a world they had never even dreamed of. Meanwhile, the early onset of winter paralyses Manhattan in an unbearable fury of cold and snow. Each day the temperature drops, as a coat of brilliant white snow is drawn over the dark streets of New York. One thing is sure : The final countdown has already begun. Indigo Prophecy creates a new breed of interactive entertainment, merging cinema and interactivity. A spectacular real-time 3D adventure with state-of-the-art camera direction and multi-path scenario. Play different protagonists in this epic quest and make the story progress depending on YOUR decisions. Control different characters in an awe-inspiring paranormal thriller, discern the dark secrets behind mysterious serial killings, understand why the city is brought to a standstill by snow and dropping temperatures, Play the hunter and the fugitive : explore, interact, fight and confront by all means dark forces during your journey. After Indigo Prophecy, the world just can't be the same place again. [Quantic Dream] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 41 out of 47
  2. Negative: 1 out of 47
  1. A completely engrossing game, designed for the patience of adult players, that will stand up to an almost infinite number of sessions. It’s a technically marvellous achievement by David Cage.
  2. Well, now Fahrenheit is here in all its understated, slow-burning glory; and chances are most gamers will probably be blissfully unaware that the adventure genre has changed for the better in Quantic Dream's latest masterpiece.
  3. David Cage and the team at Quantic Dream have accomplished what they set out to, producing a game that integrates narrative and gameplay so tightly that they almost seem inseparable... Undoubtedly one of the finest adventure games of this or any generation.
  4. A good game and I feel that it is worth the money. It could use a lot of brushing up in certain areas, but considering its characters, dialogue, and sense of atmosphere, Quantic Dream has delivered a game ultimately worthy of the genre.
  5. One of the creepiest and unsettling games to come along in a while. Play it alone at night with the lights off and enjoy the creepy ride.
  6. Forget buying three DVDs of crappy movies you're only going to watch once and buy Fahrenheit instead. It's longer, boasts more action, costs the same and offers far more crash for your cash than many a movie. [PSW]
  7. Despite its cinematic aspirations and genuinely unique approach, Indigo Prophecy is little more than a short adventure that relies too heavily on the same, bad mini-game when it should be mixing up the contextually-controlled goodness like a dyslexic DJ.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 32
  2. Negative: 7 out of 32
  1. Apr 17, 2014
    The most original game I've ever played. The beginning sequence is one of the best moments in any video game I've ever played. This game has some highs and lows in terms of fun, but the best moments in this game are the best out of any game I've ever played. Expand
  2. Aug 4, 2012
    With its well-balanced gameplay and the high long-term play value, Indigo Prophecy offers a nearly perfect Interactive experience. The levels and quick-time events could be much more difficult. Expand
  3. Aug 21, 2014
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  4. May 28, 2012
    This game was decent.
  5. Mar 14, 2013
    It does have a well written story and well written character, but overall I just felt this game was more like an interactive movie than an actual game. Graphics, script and atmosphere are all excellent, but the gameplay itself just isn't there. Overall: A good "game" that lacks real gameplay to make it what it could be. Expand
  6. Jun 8, 2013
    An interactive story driven game Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy starts out with great promise featuring some genuinely tense scenes as you try to avoid arrest. Unfortunately the story soon becomes a complete load of nonsense and the gameplay consists almost entirely of extended QTE sections. A shame as at first it seemed as though it could have been something great. Expand
  7. Mar 11, 2014
    This game defines Deus Ex Machina.

    You might think I'm being harsh, but imagine watching a serious movie such as Shawshank Redemption, or
    Schinler's List and then having it go all Angels & Demons/Dragon Ball Z on you........

    The last couple hours of the game just ruined it for me. The first few hours are amazing, and right when you hone in and figure out what's going on......I'm not going to spoil anything, but the game completely changes. You literally jump out a window and into a new game. This wouldn't be so bad, but the switch to this whole demonic plot is just poorly done. The villain is terribly portrayed.....and it literally feels like they made a great game, but didn't know how to end it, so they went with "completely off the walls."

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