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  • Summary: When movie moguls choose LEGO Island as the location for a new action adventure film, naturally they pick you, Pepper Roni, to be the lead stuntman. Drive, fly, jump, and skate through five extreme stunt games that take you all over the vast LEGO Island. Dash from shoot to shoot on your skateboard or in any one of the vehicles - providing you?ve passed the test of course! The mischievous Brickster might try to crash the scene, so pull off your best stunts and show him who the real action hero is! [Electronic Arts] Collapse
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  1. There's surprising depth and lots to do for a younger crowd. It's perfect for an under-13 gamer. [Feb 2003, p.101]
  2. A nice little program that doesn’t really offer much that is new or unique, and hard-core game players will not find this a challenging outing. However younger players and LEGO fans will enjoy the simplistic entertainment value and colorful look of the game.
  3. An interesting concept; too bad the real meat of the game (the racing) is as dry and tasteless as roast beef at Old Country Buffet. [Feb 2003, p.98]
  4. Consider this a toddler’s indoctrination into future TEEN rated fare like “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 9” and “Stuntman 4.”