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  • Summary: The sinister sorcerer Shendu has unleashed his dark army of evil ninjas, the Shadowkhan, on the world once more. Help special agent and archaeologist Jackie Chan to defeat the demonic dragon and his army of acrobatic foot soldiers using a dojo-full of kick ass moves! Collect 12 ancient talismans scattered far and wide to gain new abilities, explore vibrant locations across the world, and use Jackie's kung fu skill to battle evil. [SCEE] Expand
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  1. An inventive, stylish, varied and highly entertaining game that puts all other TV cartoon conversions to shame.
  2. A solid and fun, if not very challenging offering that will appeal to children and casual gamers rather than the seasoned players of adventure games amongst you. The basic cel-shaded visuals and smooth animation gives it a unique style and the story is pretty entertaining along the way.
  3. The level objectives, while varied and challenging are sadly a linear affair, inevitably leading you through the game by a leash. Though, with the recovery of each Talsiman, new powers are progressively unlocked such as increased strength, speed, jumping, and astral travel.
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  1. DavidM.
    Feb 12, 2005
    It's cool! using da talismans is ded gd.