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Summary: In Jak II, Jak has an entirely new move set (Dark Jak) to augment his previous move set. He has more moves with his new toys as well - gun moves (including kick/shooting combos), and entire Jet Board move set and tricks. Daxter has some special surprises as well. There are escort missions where Jak goes into a level area with another character and the player must work with them to complete a task. Jak II enemies have more A.I. and respond to Jak with intelligent intent. [Daniel Arey]
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Rating: T
Developer: Naughty Dog
Genre(s): Action, Platformer, 3D
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Comic Mischief Mild Language Mild Violence Suggestive Themes
Sound:Dolby Pro Logic II
Resolution:480p Widescreen
Cast Credit
Daisuke Gouri Japanese Voice Of Mog, Baron Praxis
Seiji Sasaki Japanese Voice Of Precursor Oracle, Krimzon Guard 2
William Minkin Krew
Alan Blumenfield Brutter
Alan Blumenfield Mog
Alan Blumenfield Mog
Teiyu Ichiryusai Japanese Voice Of Daxter
Yuu Asakawa Japanese Voice Of Ashelin Praxis
Kaho Kouda Japanese Voice Of Computer, Female Citizens
Shoutaro Morikubo Japanese Voice Of Jak
Michael Erwin Jak
Robert Benedict Vin
Britton A. Arey Tess
Cutter Mitchell Torn
Anna Garduo Keira
Cutter Michael Jinx
Jouji (George) Nakata Japanese Voice Of Sig
Keiji Okuda Japanese Voice Of Jinx, Underground Agent 2
Hiroshi Naka Japanese Voice Of Kor/Metal Kor
Jiro Saito Japanese Voice Of Krimzon Guard 1, Male Citizens
Toshihiro Ookubo Japanese Voice Of Underground Agent 1
Phil LeMarr Krimzon Guard
Warren Burton Samos
Clancy Brown Baron Proxis
Max Casella Daxter
Richard McGonagle Oracle
David Herman Agent 2
David Herman Krimzon Guard
David Herman Krimzon Guard
Phil LaMarr Sig
Chris Cox Agent 1
Chris Cox Pecker
Sherman Howard Kor
Susan Eisenberg Ashelin
Susan Eisenberg Female Citizens
Susan Eisenberg Female Citizens
Yumi Touma Japanese Voice Of Tess
Rikiya Koyama Japanese Voice Of Torn
Hiroshi Iwasaki Japanese Voice Of Brutter
Chafurin Japanese Voice Of Krew, Grim
Hiroshi Yanaka Japanese Voice Of Vin
Daisuke Kishio Japanese Voice Of Erol
Ichiro Nagai Japanese Voice Of Samos Hagai
Wataru Takagi Japanese Voice Of Pecker
Kyoko Hikami Japanese Voice Of Keira Hagai
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#6 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2003
#14 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2003