Killzone PlayStation 2

  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Nov 2, 2004

Mixed or average reviews - based on 67 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 67
  2. Negative: 3 out of 67
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  1. AceGamez
    It's graphically stunning, the sound effects and music immerse you into a tense and exciting atmosphere of total chaos, a strong story compels you through a long single player campaign full of variety and challenge against tough enemies and the fully online multiplayer mode can be played split screen with a bunch of bots for those without a network adapter.
  2. PSM Magazine
    Killzone was worth the wait, and matches the hype. It hits the mark in so many ways, it's baffling; they promised us we'd experience fugture war, and we have...and come away shaking. [Holiday 2004, p.70]
  3. Offers up some of the best graphics on the PS2 to date, and certainly is the most entertaining FPS game we've played on the console ever.
  4. OK, let me put it plain and simple to you. Killzone is the best Playstation 2 FPS to date. Forget about all those other wannabe shooters and watered down Xbox-to-Playstation 2 ports, this game is it.
  5. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    Visually amazing FPS that'll rock your game world every time. [Jan 2007, p.106]
  6. The environments are for the most part, spectacular. War debris is everywhere, worn out tanks lay forgotten amongst the destroyed buildings. All of it does relate for one hell of a war feel and setting.
  7. A gorgeous, big, weighty, important event-game that makes good on most of its grandiose promises. Easily in the top two first-person shooters for PS2 alongside "TimeSplitters 2." [PSM2]
  8. 85
    Even though it offers the best online play Sony has to offer, it still comes up a few frags shy of toppling Master Chief, mostly because our poor PS2 seemed to be struggling to run the game.
  9. While the frame rate occasionally dips and pop-up hasn't been totally eradicated Killzone looks stunning. However, Killzone's total focus on fire fights means that anyone that doesn't relish the thought of scrapping for every inch of territory, yearning for puzzles, switches, vehicles to pilot or woe-betide, aliens, should look elsewhere.
  10. Interesting weapons, plot, admirable graphics, and four personalities you can not only be, but work together with drive Killzone in certain ways no other First Person Shooter has done before.
  11. 80
    An entertaining experience that unfortunately never manages to take that crucial step towards greatness.
  12. While Killzone delivers on visuals, it mishandles movement. This is a game that looks better in screenshots than it does in motion; simply put, the PS2 can't handle what Killzone is throwing at it. [Dec 2004, p.110]
  13. In the end, it gets done what it sets out to do and what it does right it does often and quite well. While issues with the game's technology offer up an occasionally bumpy experience, the good parts definitely balance out the bad ones in the final analysis.
  14. In many ways Killzone is ahead of itself from the still graphics and immersion standpoints. However it is also behind with the framerate drops and the sameness of the enemies as you go through the game.
  15. This is a game will appeal to FPS fans, and whilst it isn't genre defining, this should be the start of a successful franchise for Sony.
  16. 80
    As sprawling as "Halo's" environments are they certainly never portrayed as gritty an urban landscape as Killzone. Nor have its shiny alien blasters ever been as satisfying as a huge, chunky, filthy assault rifle.
  17. 80
    In spite of its sorted technical problems and humdrum story, Killzone provides a great ride; perhaps it's a testament to the game's surplus of style and ambiance that it remains enjoyable throughout.
  18. Killzone may have not lived up to the title of “Halo Killer”, but the great gameplay and in-depth story line of the single player campaign as well as the multiple modes of online play should keep even the most disparaging gamer happy for quite some time.
  19. The game's combat is a bit underwhelming, and the graphical problems are annoying but these are mixed with an otherwise graphically impressive game, complete with a grand narrative and excellent online multiplayer.
  20. The solid controls, good graphics, and solid gameplay make up a respectable game that PS2 owners should try out. But the repetitive sound effects, slow frame rate and occasionally texture problems with the game engine will have some gamers looking for something else.
  21. 76
    Levels are often linear and heavily scripted.
  22. 75
    A decent game presented in an intriguing universe and with a stunning sense of style. Ironically though, it's the audio and visual qualities (however faulted they may sometimes be) that save the actual underwhelming gameplay of this one from utter mediocrity.
  23. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Killzone is either A) two years ahead of its time, or B) on the wrong hardware. The PS2, bless its little heart, just cannot do consistent justice to the game's ambitious design. [Holiday 2004, p.124]
  24. Game Informer
    Once you accept that Killzone is a mere mortal and not the legend it made itself out to be, you can enjoy this title for the above-average FPS that it is. [Dec 2004, p.176]
  25. 75
    With some better controls, more polish and better hardware, Killzone could have been a real contender for best console FPS.
  26. With a little more power for the engine and more refinement, this could have been a great game, but there is still a good time to be had here.
  27. If the gameplay matched the atmosphere, Killzone would be a real winner.
  28. As it stands though, Killzone isn’t a triple-A title. It is, on the other hand, a sporadically entertaining and perfectly adequate FPS which any PS2-owning fan of the genre will probably enjoy.
  29. While it's a competent shooter that can provide some great thrills, it's simply not in the same league as this holiday season's best first person shooters.
  30. Buggy but not broken, generic but not ghastly, Killzone lacks anything beyond an average amount of appeal.
  31. Cheat Code Central
    The FPS gameplay is a little on the mediocre side and the game is rife with flaws including a really bad slowdown glitch that permeates both the single-player and online modes.
  32. The sound design is bad, Plan 9 From Outer Space Bad, meaning that it's so bad to the point that it's unintentionally hilarious. Without a doubt, this is the most memorable soundtrack of the year, but for all the wrong reasons.
  33. The multiplayer is solid but the offline play just doesn't carry its fair end of the deal.
  34. The game is just too ambitious for the aging PlayStation 2. The frame rate, control and save game issues make the game a hard unforgiving slog rather than fun at times. But despite that there's a lot to be admired about the game.
  35. You'll not appreciate the "on-rails" feeling that Killzone provides. You will appreciate the wonderful graphics and score that ' barring the enemy voices ' is one of the best I've heard in a long while.
  36. The hardware simply isn't powerful enough to consistently process what Killzone wants to do, in both single-player and online multiplayer modes. Similar to how Rare's "Perfect Dark" stressed the N64 near the end of that system's life, a game with otherwise excellent attributes finds itself arriving much too late for one party and a little too early for the next.
  37. Combat, simply put, just doesn't feel right. The pacing feels too sluggish, and as a result, is largely unexciting.
  38. 70
    The game is also a trying experience online. Apparent lag, even though you're playing on broadband, is everywhere. Character animations are limited and it's difficult to target someone from long distance.
  39. Your allies are invulnerable for some reason, but that doesn't make them any more useful.
  40. This disregard for some details feels somewhat connected to the lack of full story development as well.
  41. Above average- it's just far from amazing.
  42. You PS2 owning FPS junkies are no doubt going to love this beast, and the rest of you will have some fun with this game too, just don’t be disappointed when you realize that Killzone's not the ground-breaking experience I think we were all expecting.
  43. I can only hope that when Guerilla gets around to making the sequel they obviously have planned for the PS3, they can make it the beautiful, polished experience they obviously wanted this one to be.
  44. There's still some fun to be found here, but ultimately Killzone is a barely adequate game that probably won't hold your attention for very long.
  45. netjak
    The game just doesn’t scream “play me” after the first time or even after a few hours. The interesting little hooks are just too few and far between.
  46. The strong multiplayer aspect may keep it barely afloat, but unless you simply must play a first-person shooter on your Playstation 2, we recommend Killzone for a rental, at best.
  47. 68
    Our final issue with the game is that, there is no variety in what you are doing each level changes your location, immersing you into another lush environment, but the aim is always the same; whatever Helghan party you come across – kill them and move on.
  48. Stunning visuals, intense audio and an interesting backstory can't quite make up for the mediocre gameplay and technological glitches.
  49. As the game stands now, it’s just too mundane, slow and...well...gray (either literally and/or figuratively, depending on your palette preferences) to really merit much applause.
  50. The innovative controls for the sniper rifle don't allow the player to pull off precise headshots when they're needed most, which leads to rising frustration.
  51. Edge Magazine
    While there is scope for each skirmish to play out differently, it's simpler to respond in kind to cheap deaths by lobbing pre-emptive grenades into scripted entry points - and in doings so, you're not so much numbed to the shock of Killzone's war as anaesthetised. [Christmas 2004, p.84]
  52. An entertaining but sporadically inept first-person shooter whose shortcomings (crummy frame-rate, lackluster AI, etc.) are slightly outweighed by the things it does get right (intense firefights, great atmosphere, good sound, etc.).
  53. 60
    An ambitious, interesting game, but it's badly undercut by terrible AI and annoying and very distracting graphical glitches. They're bad enough to make the game feel like a chore.
  54. It has plenty of style, but the aged PS2 hardware sometimes can't keep up with the game's intensity. Online play is highly addictive, but the weapons lack proper balance to make it more competitive.
  55. games(TM)
    While Killzone is fairly satisfying, with suitably gung-ho action, there's never any variation, meaning what seems fun becomes wearisome after an hour or so. [Christmas 2004, p.96]
  56. 60
    Aspirations aside, the gorgeous screenshots represent a game that is distressingly mediocre in motion...Without the ambitious graphics engine, Killzone's linear run-and-gun combat would vanish into the swarm of generic shooters.
  57. Killzone's cool features such as enemies recognizing the threat of a grenade and running from it, secondary fire modes on weapons and the ability to play offline against bots in some creative forms of multiplayer would normally make a game fun, but most of these details are overshadowed by buggy graphics and monotonous sound.
  58. Small innovations such as the camera jostle and dash screen blur would normally indicate a developer's attention to detail, but a slew of minor frustrations add up to make Killzone a cardiac in a jewel case.
  59. Play Magazine
    Whether head shot or grenade to the feet or shotgun blast at point-blank, aiming your weapon never feels efficiently precise. [Dec 2004, p.60]
  60. But at no point does it feel like anything but an old fashioned arcade shooter with a few more controls. When there are so many first person shooters available that offer opportunity for strategy ' with wide open levels and options for how to approach an objective ' it's disappointing that Killzone is so thin in that dimension.
  61. After witnessing and playing through some of the most incredibly well designed, and fantastically vast levels in Halo 2, there's nothing but disappointment to gain from Killzone.
  62. Whether the controls were intentionally made sluggish to make the game feel more realistic or if shoddy programming is to blame, the result is just horrible.
  63. That Killzone doesn't live up to expectations shouldn't come as a major surprise to anyone; that Sony has chosen to release such a damp squib at this outrageously competitive time of year most definitely is.
  64. The potential for Guerrilla to develop a truly impressive FPS title on the PS2 is obviously there, but it's a learning curve that players won't be scaling anytime soon. The PS2's answer to "Halo"? Don't make us laugh.
  65. The game's got a bevy of problems, including boring gameplay, a horrendous framerate, and lousy aiming.
  66. About as interesting as keeping a pistol for a pet...It's a fine technical achievement, sure, but there's little game here. The graphics alone keep Killzone off the bottom.
  67. 30
    Like the game’s aiming, Killzone misses the mark by a mile. Afflicted with so many niggling problems it has ended up a shambles of game which barely delivers on any front.

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#4 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2004
#2 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2004
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 267 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 50 out of 93
  2. Negative: 16 out of 93
  1. Jan 19, 2013
    Killzone (PLAYSTATION) attempted to beat Halo (XBOX) and well they are both epic but I prefer Killzone because its really the Sci-Fi genre IKillzone (PLAYSTATION) attempted to beat Halo (XBOX) and well they are both epic but I prefer Killzone because its really the Sci-Fi genre I like in Video Games. Alot of people don't like Killzone because it tried too much to be the PLAYSTATION version of Halo but after Killzone 2 and 3 came out everybody shuted-up. I see on METACRITIC that K1 got 70/100 and K2 got 91/100 and K3 got 84/100, um I don't care what those guys say for me K1 is the best out of the trilogy, Its campaign is a real challenge, the graphics I'll pass on that one, the characters are Bad Ass and Killzone deserves 10/10. Full Review »
  2. Mr.Orange
    Dec 4, 2007
    Boring and repetitive? Check Laggy and uninspired multiplayer? Check Bad Controls? Double Check Generally ugly graphics and numerous Boring and repetitive? Check Laggy and uninspired multiplayer? Check Bad Controls? Double Check Generally ugly graphics and numerous technical glitches? Check Over hyped? Hell yes Full Review »
  3. MattT.
    Feb 21, 2007
    Killzone is a game an above average game even but the hype behind was part of its downfall. Graphics are ok but flawed in many places, Killzone is a game an above average game even but the hype behind was part of its downfall. Graphics are ok but flawed in many places, gameplay is repetitive and multiplayer is a disaster. The story line however is good and single is fun, mainly because you get a sense of real fightning not halo style but fun. The game actually gives off a military feeling, you cook grenades, enemy's shout potions to each other blind fire is everywhere and taking cover is essential. The game is no "halo killer" but still solid and fun while it lasts. Full Review »