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  • Summary: It has been a year since the events of "Kingdom Hearts." Sora and friends are joined by a vibrant new cast of characters, including the king himself. Together, they will face countless dangers in worlds both familiar and brand-new. It seems the Heartless still exist. A new villain also awaits - but is it an old foe behind the mask, or a new menace? This mystery and others will be solved as the story unfolds in a grand adventure. Expand
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  1. Positive: 58 out of 64
  2. Negative: 0 out of 64
  1. 100
    An inspiring emotional work of art and perhaps the best role-playing game this year. Square Enix continues to prove that you can take even the most played out source material in the world (Disney's various franchises) and make something wonderful.
  2. It's hard to deny that from its humble beginnings to the spectacular finale, Kingdom Hearts II is absolutely what the first game should have been. Its production values are still amazingly high, but the mechanics and tactile experience of play are now equals.
  3. A game well worth playing. It lasts much longer than any game should have to, squeezing out new experiences wherever possible.
  4. 90
    By any measure, Kingdom Hearts II is an outstanding adventure made all the more spectacular by its uncanny ability to weave disparate strands of fiction into a single, engaging conglomeration of iconic characters and settings.
  5. It is the story, with its endearing characters, epic confrontations, and masterful dialog that make the experience work.
  6. This epic adventure is short on the nuts-and-bolts of adventuring, but its charm, and the quality of its production still merit a high score. [Nov 2006, p.88]
  7. While KHII's story and flawless presentation (no camera problems here) ease gamers through the lengthy 30-hour quest, the undercooked gameplay makes it unlikely they'll touch the game again. It's just too easy: lock onto your target and mash the X button as needed. Heal and repeat. This isn't fun — it's tedious.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 10 out of 145
  1. Oct 27, 2013
    This my favorite kingdom hearts game and maybe one of my favorite games of all time. and a improvement from kingdom hearts 1. the battle system is better, the areas are bigger, although i do think it lacks extra content when compared to kingdom hearts 1. the final mix version fixes that problem, the final mix version has only been released in japan, but there will be an english version in the kingdom hearts 2.5 HD remix coming soon. but although the game lacks extra content, it has lots of replay value, i think i played this game over 10 times when i had it. the game just pulls you in and you don't want to stop playing. kingdom hearts is one of the best crossovers ever made. Expand
  2. Mar 9, 2013
    Just finished playing this game and all I can say is WOW! Never before in my life have i been touched so greatly by a video game, or by anything else for that matter. There were also many improvements on this from the previous game, such as the Drive gauge, new MP bar, etc. This game's plot is astounding, extremely deep and well planned! Graphics are great, especially the flawless rendering of the intro/outro. Game-play is fun and more exciting than ever! Many complain about the numerous and unending cutscenes, but face it: without them, the game wouldn't be nearly as deep. Love the game's concept of light, darkness, and nobodies. Hands down the best video game I have ever played! Expand
  3. Jan 1, 2014
    I do not know if it's because that Square Enix made ​​this game or why or appear in it my favorite characters from Disney but I love this game! Flawless combat system, great backing voices and divine history is what I like the most! I can not say that the game is squeezed out of the PS2 last sweats (because it does Final Fantasy XII), but I like it immensely. I finished it 4 times at different levels of difficulty. The only thing I can be accused of it is that Kairi is not a playable character Expand
  4. May 22, 2011
    An epic collaboration of the Final Fantasy series and Disney that's even better than the first game. Pros: Improved control, camera, and gummi ship sequences; beautiful graphics and sound; fantastic cutscenes; a lot of depth in the battle system and level design; bigger variety of Disney worlds to explore. Cons: The story is impossible to follow unless you've played the first game and Chain of Memories; begins with a 3-hour tutorial; some battles are too easy and lead to repetitive button mashing. Expand
  5. Jun 10, 2013
    It was extremely enjoyable with a great combat system in it. The biggest problem I had with the game was probably the Little Mermaid level. It was atrocious. I know they are with disney, but they made Micky BA, why couldn't they do that with that level? Expand
  6. Dec 26, 2013
    KH 2 has taken big steps since orginal Kingdom Hearts. Better camera system and enjoyable gameplay.... Complex JRPG story with some plot holes. Never the less this is enjoyable RPG game. Expand
  7. Mar 10, 2011
    Terrible game.How can anybody say they liked this?If you played the first KH this is nothing like that the whole series keeps taking big stupid needless twists and turns that are not even interesting and do nothing to improve the story much less teach you anything or really entertain you:It's super easy you could almost get through the whole thing with the stick and the X button.I have played every game in the series at least once because you can't knock'em till you tried 'em but I'm not buying anymore until they fix the whole thing. But I think most of the people who still REALLY like this are the same people(kids...I hope)who really like that anime crap I got into some pretty long arguements with some kids on youtube and they like that anime crap so telling them it sucks is the same as telling them it's good they don't care if it sucks they just want to play what their freinds are playing.So this game probably won't get any better as long as kids keep buying it but that doesn't mean it can't get better because I like FF/Disney stuff but this is neither of those things it's like the video game version of a japanese pop song there are parts when if you have an imagination your like"why did they do that? This sucks."A perfect example amongst others is riku turning into ansem there is no real reason for this to happen it just does and it's stupid and makes the story even more meaningless.I hope people stop buying these so maybe square will get it's act together and make another good one.It's pretty simple if it sounds stupid or is meaningless leave it out,increase the difficullty so I can make the game really hard if I want to,bring back real FF characters and worlds and make the story universally interesting and this series could eventually be one of the memorable classic greats. Expand

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