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  • Summary: The tune of Japanese Taiko Drums and the Dark Hymns of children are heard throughout the night. Residents wander like ghosts, and hungry demons creep in the darkness. The Heian-kyo Period of Ancient Japan where mysticism and magic will require you to reach deep within your soul to uncover the mysteries of the undead. A dark 3D adventure that comes to life in stunning detail with atmospheric lighting, shadows, and special effects. Battle Demons in Real-Time combat using magic, summons, and traditional Heian weaponry. Uncut & Uncensored- See the Directors Original Vision of Horror. You are prey to some of the most visually stunning and imaginative monsters ever seen. [Agetec Inc.] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 20
  2. Negative: 2 out of 20
  1. It definitely makes one hope there's a "Kuon 2." [Holiday 2004, p.92]
  2. Freakiest of all though, are those sunken-eyed ghoulish geishas that pop up every five minutes - more chilling than any slathering zombie. Brrr.
  3. 70
    Add in the different characters, the language options and the reliance on magic rather than weaponry; this is a chilling experience in horror gaming.
  4. Kuon has a decent premise, and scores well on atmosphere, however it lacks substance and those niggly controls, together with the inconsistencies of the combat system, detract from the overall enjoyment. Ultimately, what could have been a gripping game ends up being a remarkably uninspiring experience.
  5. 55
    About the only thing going for Kuon is the fact that it doesn't have "Resident Evil's" character-relative controls (but then, neither will "RE4"). That, and the story is actually pretty interesting... well, at least I think it is, anyway.
  6. Kuon has considerably limited replay value, and the game is neither ambitious nor unique enough to warrant an especially enthusiastic recommendation. [Dec 2004, p.122]
  7. 40
    Oh yeah, if you can motivate yourself enough to finish both characters' stories, a secret, you unlock a chess game and secret character. Whoop-dee-doo.

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  1. Oct 7, 2013
    If it isn't already obvious, this game has aged well for Playstation 2 era hardware and not only that, but provides some insight into the workings of famous developer "FROM SOFTWARE." The game is perfectly paced, features one grandiose location and a mystery worthy of any player to solve. The visuals are gorgeous, the attention to detail on the character models are exemplary given the age of the game, and the animation cycle of the Kimono demon-ass-kicking Japanese ladies is quite lovely. Much like Fatal Frame, players will be battling ghosts, demons and other Japanese lore oddities. The standards controls and timing take some getting used to, but overall they are really well done and make you feel like you could easily be in danger from every perilous ghost or Gaki that wanders this Feudal Japanese manor house. With a really simple spell card magic system, that works a lot like most survival horror games, you will want to conserve your spells and do most damage with your basic sword or fan weapon. This puts an interesting twist on the fight-or-flee mechanics as well since you could roast some Gaki alive with a flame spell card or make a mad dash for the next room after a few quick slices from your basic weapon to stun it. Though appearing to be a slow combat based third person horror title, people often forget that even the Fatal Frame series was built on tension and delivered it very well by building up encounters between yourself and the spooky ghosts. Puzzles all have a relatively decent learning curve and I never found anything too difficult. They made sense within the context of the world of the game and were pretty darn interesting and creepy. Here its obvious things went terribly wrong, theirs a curse running amok wherever you go, and the grisly nightmarish noises of something far more sinister waiting for you. I am utterly confused by the reception to this game though, and even if it isn't as popular as Fatal Frame or Silent Hill, its equally worthy of being played and enjoyed as a solid enjoyable feudal-Japanese take on the horror game genre as a whole. Expand

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