Legend of Kay PlayStation 2

  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Sep 21, 2005

Mixed or average reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 30
  2. Negative: 1 out of 30
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  1. AceGamez
    A superb platforming game; polished, full of attitude and with a cracking main character to boot. That's not to mention the engaging storyline that runs throughout and the fantastic fighting engine that makes every battle a joyous experience.
  2. A solid game set in a beautifully-created world brimming with life and atmosphere. While it begins unassumingly, the game soon finds its 'furry' feet.
  3. Capcom's free-flowing Zelda-esque adventure title is a surprisingly decent blend of action, platforming and puzzle-solving.
  4. The gameplay is a chore, the story is unoriginal and the characters are as annoying as tooth ache. And the ‘it’s for kids’ angle is insulting to anyone who considers themselves a kid, including the over 16 kids.
  5. Legend of Kay is likely to get lost in the shuffle leading up to this year's holiday season, but it's one of the better action games to hit the shelves this year. The designers were smart not to go crazy with new concepts.
  6. And while it may have a couple of technical issues and lacks the scope and detail of a Zelda game, Kay's heart is in the right place, and it pulls off a great action adventure game for people of all ages.
  7. 75
    A well-rounded title with smooth combat and challenging platforming, Legend of Kay is a good game hurt by hideous voice work, semi-functional technology and a sometimes problematic camera.
  8. By forgetting some of the market expectations and putting a bit of themselves into their work, the game's creators (some of them at least) have made confident and convincing strides towards evolving the genre, and struck a balance between Eastern and Western gaming tastes that only Nintendo is normally capable of nailing so well. [Andrew "Fletch" Fletcher]
  9. A solid game set in a beautifully created world brimming with life and atmosphere. Starting off pretty easy to break you in gently the game soon starts to challenge even the most experienced players and the varied quests and side min-games are enough to keep you interested until the very end.
  10. 80
    The action is fast, fun, and occasionally almost intense, but not graphic.
  11. Ultimately feels like an action-platformer for masochistic, smart-aleck kids. [Oct 2005, p.102]
  12. Shows very little in the way of innovation, but the limited scope of the game allows it to shine all the more, delivering to its player a refreshing slice of good, clean fun.
  13. Edge Magazine
    Its foremost pleasures are the evenly paced exploration, the pleasant graphical style and the unexpectedly humorous characters... While far from essential, this is a much more enjoyable adventure than, on paper, it has any right to be. [March 2005, p.92]
  14. The combat is the title’s biggest blessing and curse. On the one hand we have a multi-faceted scheme that relies on a veritable orgy of button bashes in order to unleash the nest moves. But it’s entirely counterattacked by dodgy enemies who rarely change beyond what race they are.
  15. Feels like an uninspiring pick and mix of the decent bits from all the platform games you’ve seen since "Mario 64."
  16. Play Magazine
    The entire game is bathed in ancient Chinese mystique, from its look to its captivating neo-Asian soundtrack - onf of the best for a platformer I've come across. [Sept 2005, p.]
  17. One of the top sleeper hits of the entire year. This game is so finely constructed, minus the lackluster story, voice acting and frame rates quirks, that it really shouldn’t even be a sleeper.
  18. The epitome of that "game you love to hate", you’ll swear at the TV and throw the controller but you won’t stop until its completed. It’s punishingly hard in places but that only makes the final victory even sweeter.
  19. Overall Legend of Kay is a decent quality platforming title that successfully combines several entertaining ideas. It is let down a little by poor voice acting and slightly linear RPG elements, but at least benefits from a mid-range price-tag.
  20. One of the game’s shining lights is the camera system that enables you to focus on the action all of the time – you won’t be blindsided in this game by enemies creeping up on you, and coupled with the intuitive control system you’ll find that navigating Kay through the levels is fairly straightforward.
  21. The fighting mechanics for this game are not the best I have played but they get the job done.
  22. A decent platformer, sure, but don't expect anything new or original here. It's a nice diversion and something good for kids, but adults will probably want to stick to the bigger budget titles.
  23. A well-executed and polished game marred by the fact it is so, so generic and (with the exception of the game save feature) everything is lifted from somewhere else. It’s also tough.
  24. Hey, it's not the cat's pajamas, but some people prefer to sleep in He-Man briefs.
  25. Game Informer
    More than any of the technical faults, though, is the problem that Kay is just plain dullsville. [Oct 2005, p.134]
  26. It doesn’t stand out. There’s nothing here to get excited about, as the gameplay is standard fare, and like many Capcom games, your ears are gonna bleed when you hear the voice acting.
  27. PSM Magazine
    What it lacks is craft. Kay feels like the thesis project of a recent game school graduate, with haphazard, connect-the-dots levels filled with an endless parade of breakable pots. [Oct 2005, p.90]
  28. The camera becomes a problematic issue, the voice work is about as desirable as using a cheese grater to get rid of itchy skin, and there's not much to delve back into once it's beaten.
  29. The only things dragging down Legend of Kay are the terrible slowdown and a very youthful image.

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 18 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 4
  2. Negative: 0 out of 4
  1. KylevanR.
    Mar 3, 2005
    Wow...great game with an advanced martial arts close combat system, beautiful fantasy-chinese athmosphere, wonderful world, cool audioWow...great game with an advanced martial arts close combat system, beautiful fantasy-chinese athmosphere, wonderful world, cool audio responds and animations. Insider jokes are also in there...like quotes concerning the weapon- use of Mr. NRA Charlton Heston..really funny ;) the game itsself is rated T, or 12+....you have cool fights, some swearwords but no blood spilling and i think it´s ok and appropriate overall...a really cool game of great fun, including action adventure and platform elements. Full Review »
  2. JonasJ.
    Feb 11, 2005
    Unique mix of platform elements, martial arts fighting and action adventure elements-
  3. DragonKnightof
    Oct 1, 2005
    For a kid's game this is pretty decent. I didn't really like it but for kids you could do a lot worse the gameplay is solid and For a kid's game this is pretty decent. I didn't really like it but for kids you could do a lot worse the gameplay is solid and fluid in some ways the platforming works. Its an average game. Get it for your kid but if you're 12 or older best to stay away. Full Review »