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  • Summary: Fantastic heists, impossible escapes, and busty brunettes - all in a day's work for anime's favorite thief. Play with all the style and panache of a British spy while committing crimes even the most accomplished cat-burglar would be proud of. Use disguises, stealth and of course the loot, to solve puzzles, gather clues and tackle obstacles. Will you reach the King's palace and its golden treasures? And watch out for the lovely Fujiko - she might steal more than your heart... [Bandai] Collapse
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  1. The game contains bits of combat, Tomb Raider-ish puzzle solving, and environmental hazzards. [JPN Import; Mar 2003, p.63]
  2. 75
    Primitive and unpolished, but its relentless goofiness, perfect use of the license, and twists on the stealth-action genre make it worth playing anyway.
  3. 70
    The controls are unbelievable -- they're more fiddly than an Irish wedding. Every button on the PS2 pad is used, and many actions (like firing a weapon) require multiple presses when one could've sufficed.
  4. More fun to watch than it is to play. If you love Lupin, rent it for the story sequences. You'll be amused by those. But the gameplay is a lot less amusing, so don't expect the world from this title. Don't expect much at all.
  5. One of this season's best rentals. It's a short, but fun, little game that captures the spirit of the anime series that it's based on.
  6. 60
    Gamers who aren't familiar with the show won't find much to like here, but fans will appreciate the chance to control and interact with the characters they know and love.
  7. The problem with Lupin is that the game is incredibly rudimentary: the control is slippery, the camera is frustrating and the AI leaves a great deal to be diesired. [Feb 2004, p.36]

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