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  1. 88
    For those gamers who only buy Madden as their one game a year, maybe this could be your favorite installment yet, but for everyone else, 2006 feels like a stutter step or experimental addition to the franchise that has failed to outdo itself for the first time in recent memory.
  2. For the first time in years, the game has been redesigned which completely alters the gameplay at its core. Tiburon appears not to be satisfied with just creating an entertaining representation of video football but to advance the realism so that the experience brings players that much closer to what it feels like being on the gridiron. They've succeeded.
  3. Whether it's the first steps of an online franchse via your EA Locker or your life as the equivalent to Budweiser's Leon in NFL Superstar, Madden's exploration of new areas is not to be missed. [Sept 2005, p.92]
  4. 90
    Although it's true that the QB Vision system changes the game dramatically, it's not always for the better, especially when you're still trying to learn how to use it properly. If you can get over the steep learning curve (and trust me, it's a doozy), you'll probably learn to love it, as it makes the game feel much more realistic.
  5. 100
    Kudos to EA Sports for not being afraid to juice the complexity factor of an already complex game. Rookies will have to pay their dues, but veterans get treated to a brand-new challenge. [Sept 2005, p.82]
  6. With changes in button configuration and new features, the learning curve is a bit steeper. There is a way to convert back to the controls for Madden 05 controls, but the new button set can be advantageous, especially the X button for the "new" running ability.
  7. 90
    It is far and away the most cerebral sports title ever released, forcing both the offensive and defensive coordination to methodically attack each other in order to achieve their respective goals. Careful and well thought out strategy is the name of the game, much more so than relying on frantic, on the field playmaking.
  8. Still excellent despite the fact that its biggest innovation really amounts to an unnecessary step in the passing game. I'm more impressed by the little tweaks--precision passing, smart routes, the "truck stick" for those Jerome Bettis moments--that improve the overall experience.
  9. This is definitely a great football game, even though it could reach a hall-of-fame level of excellence with better presentation values (particularly in the announcing booth and by possibly using the ESPN license it confiscated from 2K Sports and replicating the ESPN studio analysis that was part of ESPN 2K5).
  10. Recent releases have seen plenty of tweaks, but they merely nudged the gameplay. This year's implementation of a quarterback's cone of vision really changes things by rethinking the foundations of passing the ball.
  11. The other big addition offers a nice contrast to the traditional franchise mode, which returns as fully featured and deep as ever. In NFL superstar mode, instead of focusing on the fortunes of one team, you follow the career of a character you create (or import from "NFL Street 2" or "NCAA Football 06"). [Sept 2005]
  12. But the real highlights in Madden 06 are on the field. For starters, the new "QB Vision" feature is simply fantastic. Even for long-time Madden fans, the ability to focus the quarterback's attention on certain receivers or parts of the field adds a ton to the gameplay. [Sept 2005]
  13. There are hundreds of hours of gaming wrapped up into 2006, and even more if you get a group of friends who know how to play.
  14. More innovation than in the last few years, gameplay is as solid as ever.
  15. The presentation has a little more flash to it than in previous years.
  16. The ultimate culmination of the 6 Madden games released on PlayStation 2; for better or worse.
  17. Madden NFL 06 is still an outstanding game, but EA needs to re-think the reality and practicality of its Superstar mode, and it has plenty of work to do to make QB Vision both effective and enjoyable.
  18. This is, by far, the best installment in theMadden series and despite the higher price tag is worth purchasing.
  19. Kiss the rest of your summer (and your loved ones) goodbye and get ready to spend all your waking hours indoors, sitting next to a giant bag of Fritos, agonizing over 4–3 blitz packages.
  20. 95
    Once again, EA and Madden manage to do the impossible: They made us fall head-over-cleats in love with this frigging game all over again.
  21. This is quarterbacking control at its most sensitive level. This year's version of Madden gives you more of it.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 118 Ratings

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  1. Feb 25, 2015
    Still the same old Madden that we have all come to love and enjoy. The introduction of the hitstick was nice but felt a little overpowering, IStill the same old Madden that we have all come to love and enjoy. The introduction of the hitstick was nice but felt a little overpowering, I couldn't be stopped with that thing. Full Review »
  2. Sep 16, 2010
    I couldn't find the original xbox version of this game on metacritic but thats what I had madden 06 on, and it was a really fun game. Very addicting.
  3. LJH.
    Feb 13, 2009
    I love the Madden franchise but this game really pissed me off. I cant believe that no-one is having the same problem as me where, if youI love the Madden franchise but this game really pissed me off. I cant believe that no-one is having the same problem as me where, if you throw to a receiver (yes IN the vision cone) the ball goes much slower, higher and weaker than ever before. Even bullet passes are extremely slow and weak, and resemble the lob passes of previous years. What the hell is up with that? I'm jamming the button trying to bullet the ball to a receiver on a hitch route, and the quarterback leisurely lobs the ball to him, with the result of very frequent interceptions. EA have screwed up on this one. Full Review »