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  • Summary: Revenge is the only thing that can erase this hatred. In the land of Efferia, humans and native-Efferians uneasily co-exist in the clutches of an endless war. A young man out for revenge against the natives finds a girl who has lost her memories. Where will destiny lead them...? A 50+ hour fantasy that unfolds through amazing CGI cut-scenes and fully voiced dialogue. Unlock the secrets of the Carta System and unleash magical fury. Character designs are created by renowned Korean Artist, Hyung Tae Kim bring the world of Efferia to life. Unique real-time battle systems allow you to position yourself anywhere on the battlefield. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 34
  2. Negative: 5 out of 34
  1. Tears of Blood manages to hook fans of the genre with its gorgeous style and great story. It’s not as epic as the Final Fantasy games but it is still well worth playing.
  2. Unconventional, addictive, and a must-have for veterans driven to expand their horizons. [Dec 2005, p.176]
  3. It's too complex for most people to ever enjoy, and if you want balance look elsewhere. But for better or worse, it is the game's only real claim to distinction, and it isn't bad, once you've figured it out.
  4. It can take a long time to get used to the combat system. It's complicated to be sure but if you find that you don't like it, you're still faced with another 40-hours of gameplay. Proceed with caution.
  5. Other than striking character designs by an insanely talented artist (Hyung Tae Kim) and a flashy, complex combat system, it's business as usual in Magna Carta.
  6. 60
    The “strategy” is not much different than the electronic game Simon, emphasizing timing and pattern recognition instead of true skill or tactics.
  7. A pretty bad role-playing game published here in the states by folks who should know better. [Feb 2006, p.92]

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Score distribution:
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  1. BrunoP.
    May 20, 2006
    I'ts the best game in the world is really amazing!!! more than 50 hours to play.
  2. AlexT.
    Nov 16, 2005
    BEST GAME EVER. great game with an amazing opening song
  3. RaymondD.
    Dec 4, 2005
    The storyline is great as is the graphics. The sound effects and voices need to be more in tune with the actions within the game. I have to say I do complain about seeing the main character looking like a woman, shorter hair and tougher eyes should do it. Other than that it's a great game to use up your time. Battling can take a little getting used to but the battle effects are awesome. Expand
  4. JeffS.
    Nov 18, 2005
    The opening CG cut scene is very beautifully done. On the good side of this game is the inevative battle system. It's a bit complex at first but once you get the hang of it battles become extremely easy. And if you find a certain style isn't working that well against an enemy, don't fear, you can press triangle and switch the style of that specific character to give you an edge on the battle. Gameplay backgrounds and character models are also very well done. The only problem that I really have is the poor voice acting. But that aside it makes a great stepping stool for Final Fantasy XII, whenever that will be released. Expand
  5. Yojimbo
    Dec 16, 2005
    This game is was quite dificult to play in the begining but soon it became more interesting when Reith came into the story line.Its interesting because you can`t tell what is going to happen next and its characters all have different reasons why they hate the yason.I would say that this is a good game to play but the onli problem is that you can`t tell wether that the character you are playing is a girl or a boy and when the chi went out monsters still can attack with the empty chi that is why i give 9 out of 10 as its grafics are so awesome while its so inteesting to find out what happens next Expand
  6. Dec 24, 2012
    MC tears of blood is something different, something so underrated, something awesome and beautiful.

    You play as Calintz he looks like a
    girl but hes a guy. You will find out or tell just by hearing his voice, and believe me I'm an Anime fan / Otaku. There's alot of anime that have guys that look like girls, btw he is one of the captains of a group called the Tears of Blood. That's where the game got its name.

    The battle system, now this is one of the things i like about the game. It's challenging and very fun and different; you press the buttons show on the screen and try to hit it and not miss like o-o-x or x-o-o or o-o-o. What's also cool is the music: a relaxing flute melody and all of a sudden tension rising chorus playing, but the "only" thing i dont like is the voice acting. Like in battle when Calintz defeats his enemy he says "it was over before it started" i was like what ? Does that even make sense ?.

    This is worth playing and a change of pace from other RPGS.

    Good things about MC:
    Not video every other minute (or in this case, every hour. See: Xenosaga I, II and III.)
    Challenging gameplay (you must increase your combo skills to win the final battles and BEAT the game)
    Beautiful music, graphics and characters
    Story is above average but a bit clicheish.
    Not hours to learn the battle system or have 'max equip' on your characters.

    Battle load times
    Lack of a really interesting story
    Calintz looks very effeminate

    Scored it 9 to offset all the horribad reviews by ridiculous gamers (I've played over 200 Rpgs and have very high standards, MC: ToB deserves atleast a 7.)
  7. Sep 26, 2013
    A decent enough JRPG that doesn't quite live up to to the bigger titles, but does well enough to be enjoyable.

    Visuals are very pretty and
    story is interesting and compelling. Combat is interesting, but also a little sluggish at times. Voice acting is, mediocre and could have been better.

    Not the best JRPG and not that impressive, but it's different enough and very pretty and is worth a go.

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