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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 19
  2. Negative: 0 out of 19
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  1. Even with the limited franchise feature, 2K5 is still one of the better sports titles on the market today, and extremely affordable for any baseball fans.
  2. While it may not blow away the competition, it does indeed offer some new features that can’t be found anywhere else, therefore allowing Major League Baseball 2K5 to become a must own game for any fan of the sport.
  3. 90
    Speaking of online, MLB 2K5 is one step closer to what we dreamed about for online sports games. You can play a full 162 game season in an online league, or stick to tournaments or single-game contests.
  4. Reminds me of what I loved about the older Sega Sports games. Despite a couple of things that should have been taken care of before it was released, the game is more than solid, and to me one of the better all-around Baseball games I've played in a long time.
  5. For a real challenge, you'll want to play on All-Star or Legend, because hitting in the other difficulties is just way too easy.
  6. 85
    While MLB 2K5 is considerably better than its predecessor, it remains the second best baseball game available.
  7. Despite a lot of good things, MLB 2K5 just isn’t the overall package that "MVP 2005" is.
  8. 80
    This game features the best hecklers of all time. When Boston's hirsute Johnny Damon steps to the plate, someone in the crowd shouts, "Cut your hair, you hippie!" Amen to that, brother!
  9. Despite its better delivery, though, Major League Baseball 2K5 is not a better baseball game than "MVP 2005." Its offline content is simply not as deep and its play mechanics are broadly inferior.
  10. Game Informer
    Questionable fielding holds it back from capturing the Golden Glove. "MVP" still holds that honor, but Major Leauge's innovative techniques make it this year's most exciting baseball game. [March 2005, p.118]
  11. A flashy and comprehensive baseball sim chock-full of online options, but unfortunately it also shipped with a few noticeable bugs.
  12. Play Magazine
    The 2K series is back where it needs to be. [Apr 2005, p.76]
  13. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    2K5's fielding - which was well balanced last year - has become too slick. It still feels great and moves fast, but unless you adjust some of the gameplay sliders, expect plenty of web gems - to many to be realistic. [April 2005, p.113]
  14. 80
    And unlike previous baseball video games MLB 2K5 moves at a nice pace.
  15. PSM Magazine
    The online tournaments and seasons in 2K5 can't be beat. [Apr 2005, p.64]
  16. GamePro
    The game was number three in a field of three last year, but this season it looks great and has dramatic gameplay improvements for all skill levels. [Apr 2005, p.97]
  17. 80
    This is the first baseball release in years that smartly walks the line between reality and fantasy.

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#84 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2005
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  1. Jul 5, 2012
    Sure, this game has its glitches, but it's a game from 2005, so they're lovable glitches. None are so egregious as the left-handed powerSure, this game has its glitches, but it's a game from 2005, so they're lovable glitches. None are so egregious as the left-handed power glitch from MVP 2004, and I actually prefer 2k5 to the MVP games (scandalous I know). Baseball games for a long time lagged behind other sports such as football in their level of realism, and this game is a bit too homer-happy and the computer AI does some strange things, but it's still quite a good game. Full Review »
  2. GiiP.
    Jul 20, 2005
  3. BryanR.
    Jul 11, 2005
    This is a great game for what the money is worth it should be better then a 6.8 rating of which they have it at now.