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  1. With almost no new features to speak of, there is little reason to do away with 2K8 and replace it with 2K9, other than the fact that it is, on its own, an enjoyable baseball game with new rosters.
  2. 70
    Sure, it doesn’t have a single new feature aside from commentators and a roster update, but the baseball is fun for the most part even if the hardware is older than your kid brother.
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  1. DarrinS
    Mar 6, 2009
    What a disappointment! I was expecting a lot going into purchasing this game, but now I've WASTED $20 that I'll never get back. Tim Lincecum, the pitcher on the COVER!! doesn't even have Tim Lincecum's player motion in the game! At least get the cover guy right.. Do not purchase this game, I played it for 30 minutes and went straight back to The Show 08. Very disappointed. Full Review »