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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
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  1. The critical path is incredibly long and is joined by bonus comic missions for most of the characters. The teammate AI is very impressive, often getting to baddies before you even see them, but once again, Raven has designed a game that is better through cooperative play.
  2. The game includes tons of gameplay, a plethora of Marvel characters, a great presentation, and successfully balances the action and RPG elements, while letting players choose just how much they want to micromanage.
  3. It's got more Marvel Superheroes and Villans than I knew even existed. It's got the same rock-solid gameplay I've come to expect. And it's got some nice new team focus additions that make the game even better.
  4. Even despite its few flaws, MUA is a blast to play. If you’ve ever enjoyed an X-men Legends game, MUA is a step above and beyond that. RPG and dungeon crawler fans along with comic-book lovers will find much to love about MUA.
  5. The failings of Marvel Ultimate Alliance, which rob it of achieving videogame immortality, are far outweighed by the novelty of playing a game with so many comic book characters all in one game. It’s addictive fun!
  6. A chaotic ride through the Marvel world. Exciting, fun and even moreso when you play with friends.
  7. With better focus on what players want, including four (useful!) costumes per character, a plethora of villians and heroes from Marvel lore, better visuals, tighter RPG elements, less of the Chatty-Cathy moments, and FAR more tough boss and mini-boss battles, Marvel Ultimate Alliance could be the geekfest that keeps players wrapped onto whatever platform they chose like a pair of tight blue spandex with a big 4 on the chest.
  8. "X-Men Legends" on steroids. It’s bigger and better.
  9. Ultimate Alliance may be schlocky and unrefined, but the endless Dream Team combinations of Marvel super and not-so-super heroes prove irresistible.
  10. In the end, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is a nice refresher from the X-Men Legends series, and a game no comic fan should miss. If you enjoy the arcade-style titles of this nature (such as Gauntlet or the previous Legends titles), you'd also do well to pick the game up.
  11. If you ever wanted to have the opportunity to control over twenty Super Hero legends in one game then this is your chance.
  12. Play UK
    Pretty much every major Marvel comic character of the last 50 years condensed into one game universe. [Issue #147, p.81]
  13. Sure, the levels and even the gameplay get a bit repetitive at times, but there is always great action and the potential to share that action with your friends, and that is what really make this game rise above its predecessors and a total joy to play.
  14. Raven improves upon the great work it did with the X-Men Legends games, creating a lengthy adventure that touches nearly every last corner of the Marvel Universe.
  15. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is certainly worth picking up. With an adequate campaign and more playable comic book characters than you can shake a stick at, plus bonus side missions for all of them, you’re definitely getting more than what you paid for.
  16. 81
    Despite a few welcome wrinkles to combat and character customization, this is pretty much the same game we’ve seen before. The level design and puzzles are a snooze, lacking any innovation. But who cares? This game is about gathering a few friends and laying the smack down on some villains.
  17. Another solid amazing effort in the Marvel Universe.
  18. AceGamez
    Appealing to a multitude of fans, including those of Marvel, action-RPGs and multiplayer, most gamers should feel little hesitation in giving Marvel: Ultimate Alliance a try.
  19. PSM Magazine
    Overall, Ultimate Alliance is entertaining no matter which version you decide to play. [Jan. 2007, p.80]
  20. It's a well-made game that you can try again and again with numerous heroes and their plethora of powers. If you're a comic-book fan, this is probably the most satisfying videogame ever made for you.
  21. 80
    If you're a fan of "X-Men Legends," then it's safe to say that MUA is right up your alley. If you dig either dungeon crawlers or some of the biggest icons in comics, you'll probably enjoy what Ultimate Alliance has to offer.
  22. If you're a fan of the "X-Men Legends" games that have appeared over the last few years you'll know what to expect from Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, but you'll probably still be surprised at how polished and lengthy the game is.
  23. With great multiplayer fun, epic boss battles, tons of unlockable content and strong online play, any comic fan looking for a party game would do well to pick up a copy of Ultimate Alliance.
  24. In the end, Marvel Ultimate Alliance is really a better version of the X-Men Legends game with better graphics, a longer story, bigger levels, more powers, more unlockables, more characters and an even better co-op mode. Unfortunately, this is also a game that you may have already played twice before.
  25. The PS2's videos are a horribly compressed mess.
  26. A must for Marvel fans, a good buy for everyone else, Ultimate Alliance is an epic in an old package, kind of like those massy boxes of comics you have hidden away in your attic, gathering ebay value like dust.

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#54 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2006
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 36 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. Dec 31, 2016
    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance sempre me deu ótimas lembraças, foi o primeiro jogo que eu zerei no Playstation 2, eu amava esse jogo, tinha muitosMarvel: Ultimate Alliance sempre me deu ótimas lembraças, foi o primeiro jogo que eu zerei no Playstation 2, eu amava esse jogo, tinha muitos personagens, eu adorava jogar com com Wolverine e Doutor Estranho, tinha muito viloes, cada fase tinha o grande mestre, muitas fases, bons graficos, boa jogabilidade (pelo menos na época eu achava, tem que ver agora), a trilha sonora é muito boa, a dificuldade é razoavel, acredito que qualquer um pode zerar esse, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance é um dos melhores jogos de super-heroi. Nota 9.2 Full Review »
  2. Jul 30, 2016
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    Great Potential
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a dungeon crawler beat em up where you play as your choice of 4 marvels
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    Great Potential
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a dungeon crawler beat em up where you play as your choice of 4 marvels heroes, or a mix with online or local co-op out of 25 different characters to be unlocked with collectibles , secrets and story progression.
    You team up of course to stop doom from doing his usually doom thing of trying to take over the world…
    your journey to stop him will take your characters to a variety of locations like Atlantis and asguard…
    unfortunately while the scenery does change at a decent pace, the gameplay doesn’t…
    This game is a monotonous and ridiculously long 17 hours…
    During this 17 hours you do the dungeon crawl thing of just killing everything for fairly minimal loot with very much welcomed but too thinly spread out puzzle and platforming sections …
    Bosses will drop rings for stat boosts, but that’s about it…
    There no real incentive to explore or even defeat all enemies other than unlocking new characters as leveling up doesn’t seem too significant... and if you have your favorite 4 unlocked, why even bother finding these hidden figures…
    As you level up your stats unnoticeably increase and you unlock new moves that you can assign to a button command.. you can also unlock suits by using characters or completing a comic mission hidden throughout the world…
    These optional comic missions tell the story of one individual character to give more insight on them to new fans and hit that nostalgia button of existing fans of characters.. And as stated already, completing these missions successfully will unlock a new suit for your character... and thankfully these suits are not just skins... they all have their own special perks which will actually give you a hard time choosing from… and you can upgrade these perks with the coins that enemies drop.. but again it doesn’t really feel too significant….
    Combat in this game is fairly basic, but characters do all handle and feel unique, some can fly, some have projectiles, some are straight up brutes… if you get too bored, which you definitely will, you can switch out your team at any time when you run into a save point…
    there’s also over 17 boss battles and mini boss battles in this game… but are essentially either a straight up beat em up brawl or dodge attacks and do a quick time event…. Which are surprisingly some of the more better boss fights as they throw in a splash of variety… but really aren’t that great and don’t require any real strategy…
    While Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a great love letter to the marvel fans, packed with material that even I can appreciate while not being a marvel fan.. I feel like the game drags on and keeps you in its lackluster locations far too long, ultimately making this game feel like a drag...
    That being said, if you’re a marvel fan I still believe this game is worth your money
    I give Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    a 7.5/10
    Full Review »
  3. Sep 14, 2014
    A premissa sem duvida é muito boa, reunir os principais herois da Marvel em uma unica aventura é bem legal. Mas o game tem muito em que seA premissa sem duvida é muito boa, reunir os principais herois da Marvel em uma unica aventura é bem legal. Mas o game tem muito em que se pode melhorar, potencial tem. Pode ser aproveitado como uma franquia no futuro. Full Review »