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  • Summary: Mercury Meltdown is a brain-teasing puzzle game that challenges players to immerse themselves in a colorful world of sci-fi machines, crazy characters and bubbling test tubes. Players take control of a liquid mercury 'blob', guiding it around traps, door switches, spikes, moving floors and other hazardous elements in order to complete the level. Over 200 thought provoking levels – more than any previous Mercury title. Two never-before seen Labs. Dual analog control with Rumble feedback. State-of-the-art blob physics including normal mercury, solid, cold and hot forms. Freeform game progression. Hidden features to unlock. [Ignition Entertainment] Expand
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  1. A puzzle game with everything - addictive gameplay, lovely presentation, a great concept and so much variety that you will simply never tire of the game, even after all 160+ levels are completed.
  2. Certainly improves on the original PSP game and in many ways ends up being a better game on the PS2. While it comes much closer to fully capitalising on the ingenuity of the core concept, there’s still a feeling that the series is not quite there yet, with the PSP version lacking refined controls and the PS2 version requiring a little more depth for a home console game.
  3. With some improvements to the camera control, pushing a blob of mercury around is as fun as ever. [Christmas 2006, p.98]
  4. Mercury Meltdown Remix is a handheld puzzler that feels ill suited for the PS2, but because the underlying puzzle designs are so good, the game still mostly works.
  5. The developers should be doing as much as possible to engender the title to the player, but aren't helped by trying controls and a clearly rushed and unfinished development.
  6. There's no need to own both versions unless you're rich or stupid, but this is commendable nonetheless. [Christmas 2006, p.102]
  7. The new levels are a nice bonus, but half the fun of the PSP game was feeling like you'd achieved something when completing a level; on the PlayStation 2 that feeling is all but gone.

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