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  1. Apr 23, 2013
    I can tell the game is vastly improved on earlier MGSs, the environment, the camouflage system etc.etc. I really want to enjoy it, but the camera system just does not work or suit the game. Usually looking down from a bird's eye view, you can only see a small area of the environment, you can only pan the camera a little way and this is the most frustrating, decrepit part of the game. Everything is off the camera! Out of sight! and the only way to get some environmental awareness is to use the awkward first person view.

    In previous titles this camera system was fine or acceptable and the reason it worked was because you had a radar/map, that gave you awareness of everything off the camera, making it less frustrating. In Snake Eater you don't have anything as useful as that and it's something Kojima failed to to spot or resolve to the games detriment.

    But you know what, after getting spotted on multiple occasions due to the camera, I never finished Snake Eater. I got fed up, ditched it and bought 'Subsistence'. I can confirm that the game is awesome. With the full 3D camera movements I can actually see what's up ahead! And I can actually appreciate how attractive the game is! Dear lord! If only Kojima could have done this sooner. But sadly, the camera makes Snake Eater obsolete.

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  1. 90
    When all is said and done, Snake Eater achieves what no other game can on such a level: complete immersion into an action-driven interactive movie.
  2. Is Metal Gear Solid 3 the best game of the year? Yes. Is Metal Gear Solid 3 the best in its series? No.
  3. There has never been, and will not be for a long time a more convincing and immersive game released.