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  1. 100
    Actually being able to see what's in front of you without having to stop and enter the first-person viewpoint is a godsend.
  2. 100
    Metal Gear Online? On the PS2? Surely it's crap! I admit, I didn't think it could be pulled off very well... but I'll happily eat my words, because it's bloody brilliant.
  3. You absolutely, positively must buy this game if you own a PS2 – it’s that simple.
  4. The only reason that the overall score is lower than you might expect is because the single-player mode is just upgraded and not a completely new game.
  5. Far from just a lazy rehash, the more user-friendly camera system and online play makes the game even more enjoyable this time around.
  6. 95
    Taking a game that was already well done and polishing it off further is difficult to say the least, but Subsistence does it with flying colors.
  7. This is the best version of one of the best PS2 games ever made. Sure, the online mode isn't perfect, but even so, there’s more than enough here for any Metal Gear fan to feast on.
  8. Subsistence's awe-inspiring single-player adventure outclasses every other stealth game in existence, including the previous MGS titles. It's the perfect blend of gripping narrative, nuanced gameplay, astonishing (nearly next-gen) graphics, and creative boss battles. [Apr. 2006, p.98]
  9. If Snake Eater were likened to an exquisite pie, then Subsistence would be that pie with ice cream, a cherry, served with a bottle of fine wine.
  10. If you've never played MGS3 before it's a must-buy. That's what we've made our final judgement based on; while this may not be great value for someone who paid full price for the game previously, for collectors, online gaming fans or people who haven't played MGS3, this is absolutely the definitive version of one of the finest games on the PlayStation 2.
  11. The new camera basically makes Snake Eater a whole new experience, and for those looking to explore Snake’s 8-bit history, you’ll lose yourself for days in the original two Metal Gear games as they make their North American debut.
  12. I'm glad that games don't have feelings. If they did, Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence would be the over-achiever that makes the games around it feel embarrassingly inadequate. [Apr 2006, p.121]
  13. Considering the product they started with was already a masterpiece, it becomes apparent that the title deserves the ultimate praise, as do those who created it.
  14. The game is a must-have even for those that have saturated themselves with Snake Eater. If you're not going to purchase the game for the new camera, then please purchase it for the inclusion of the original Metal Gears.
  15. 100
    With a new budget price and gobs of bonus content, there's absolutely no excuse for missing what is arguably the best Metal Gear ever created. [Apr 2006, p.72]
  16. Even if this is your second, third, fourth, or even your fifth time playing the game, the new camera angle adds a lot of freshness to the single player campaign. Not just that, but the online multiplayer is really amazing and it is clearly one of the best the PS2 has yet to get on the service.
  17. One of the most entertaining value packs in videogame history.
  18. Overall this is a jam packed game that I would recommend to any PlayStation 2 owner. The retail price of only $29.99 is a complete steal. Even if you're not able to get online, the new camera angle along with the insane amount of extras is worth the price tag alone.
  19. A superb package that manages to add to the incredible "Snake Eater" experience. [Dec 2006, p.90]
  20. 100
    With all the extra features including multiplayer, new additions to the camera and the classic MGS games, Metal Gear Solid 3: Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence is a must buy for the MGS series faithful.
  21. Metal Gear Solid 3 returns with a vengeance in this special edition, which significantly improves an already great action adventure game while adding a solid new online mode and some great extras.
  22. 100
    A terrific update of an already excellent game. The new camera gives the single-player a new lease on life, and the multiplayer mode and classic games are worth the relatively low ($30) price of admission for veterans of the original Snake Eater.
  23. For $10 more (and if you can find it) the Special Edition of Subsistence includes a third disc with all of Snake Eater's cinematics re-cut and re-edited into a three-hour movie, complete with new narration. It's an extra special bonus for an already extra-amazing game.
  24. 100
    Metal Gear Solid 3 was a fantastic game as it was, but all the additions included in Subsistence just pushes it over the top. You must own this game.
  25. 98
    Subsistence goes a long way towards remedying the few problems of ["Snake Eater"] with a brand new camera system that literally rejuvenates the gameplay. The online mode adds a ton of replay value as well, and has dozens of options to keep you returning to blow away friends late into the night.
  26. This is the best offering of gameplay, extras and multiplayer that has come out in some time.
  27. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that, as nice as all the extras are, it’s still essentially a two-year-old game with a new camera.
  28. The new camera helps the gameplay along in many ways. The new online mode adds loads of lasting value to the game, and the numerous other new features will keep any MGS fan returning for many, many hours of great gameplay. If you own a PS2, you need to own this game.
  29. Konami managed to do one hell of a job in packaging so much in to a value priced game, and they have set a new standard in re-releasing games.
  30. Subsistence is one hell of a package, encompassing Metal Gear's past, present and future. Essential for newcomers, recommended for fans. [Nov 2006, p.92]
  31. The finally realized Metal Gear Online (as Kojima calls it) ranges from solid multiplayer fare to a total blast. [Apr 2006, p.76]
  32. 90
    An excellent compilation and current-gen send off for the MGS series.
  33. An excellent action adventure. The online modes are a worthwhile addition. Eight players is not much nowadays, though. [Dec 2006, p.82]
  34. The additional extras, online play and camera angle really manage to make the game nearly flawless. Even if you’ve played the original, the changes are worth picking the game up again.
  35. The amount of content spread across these three discs is truly staggering, and Persistence is a quick, pick-up-and-play online experience that offers tremendous variety. [Apr 2006, p.52]
  36. 94
    A magnificent package. [Issue 145, p.78]
  37. 96
    With, literally, entire discs full of extras, a new camera within the main game, the two original Metal Gear titles and an Online mode that finally makes full use of the PS2 broadband adapter, Subsistence is a game that should be in everyone's PS2 collection.
  38. Improving on one of the best games ever couldn't have been an easy job, but Kojima Productions was able to do it. They packed this director's cut of "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater", a thrilling and cinematic military stealth action game, so full of tweaks and extras, we wish our review scale went to 11. [Apr 2006, p.73]
  39. One of the best games ever, with a swathe of excellent online options bolted on for good measure. [Sept 2006, p.56]
  40. The multiplayer mode is almost enough for us to recommend parting with your cash a second time, but we realise that many UK gamers just aren't bothered about playing PS2 online.
  41. Even for those who have played and beaten the original Snake Eater, there is enough completely original content in Subsistence to provide several dozen hours of offline entertainment, not to mention an online multiplayer feature with massive replay value.
  42. An improvement of an already sensational game. It’s got the stellar gameplay that made the previous title shine, as well as tossing in some great camera control and a few other modifications.
  43. Both online and offline are perfect, plain and simple. This is a must-have title that just oozes quality from every pore. You are cheating yourself out of one of the best experiences on the PS2 if you don't own this game.
  44. Buying Subsistence should be a no-brainer, even for those of you who have spent countless hours already mastering the original.
  45. With some of the highest production values seen in any game and more extras than you can shake a silenced tranquilizer gun at (all of which are on top of an amazing and improved single player game) result in a title that is easy to recommend and enjoy.
  46. Trying to wrap my brain around every aspect of this package has proven difficult, because each feature has such a distinct offering that it almost needs to be reviewed separately.
  47. Subsistence is easily the greatest same-gen remake ever, besting the Xbox GTA ports, "DOA Ultimate," "Ninja Gaiden Black," and even "Metal Gear 2: Substance."
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User score distribution:
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  1. Sep 6, 2010
    This game is a very great game with excellent story with fun gameplay and plenty of intense moments. The original version (snake eater) wasn'tThis game is a very great game with excellent story with fun gameplay and plenty of intense moments. The original version (snake eater) wasn't super just because of the camera angle and that is why this is so much better. there is not much replay value to the game itself but subsistance comes with bonuses that ad to the game. unfortunately i can not review the bonus content because i got the package that had the 1st 3 MGS games and it only came with disc 1. Full Review »
  2. Sep 20, 2012
    (Translate from Portuguese into English)Um dos melhores jogos do PS2,uma das melhores histórias dos games,momentos(Translate from Portuguese into English)Um dos melhores jogos do PS2,uma das melhores histórias dos games,momentos fantásticos,Naked Snake um verdadeiro herói,não desiste nunca,grandes vilões e chefes igualmente,a floresta muito bem representada,lugar perfeito para se camuflar,poder matar animais,colher frutas para se alimentar é muito legal,mostra a luta pela sobrevivência em território,simplesmente fantástico esse jogo. Full Review »
  3. Mar 22, 2012
    Creative bosses, genuine 60s spy plot, and ingenious gameplay. The importance of the environment and your interaction with it (camouflage,Creative bosses, genuine 60s spy plot, and ingenious gameplay. The importance of the environment and your interaction with it (camouflage, caught/killed animals and plants as food, noise and sight detection by enemies, etc), along with an update to gameplay (via CQC and camera movement) and one of the best bosses in video game history, not only makes this game one of the best on PS2, but one of the most important. Full Review »