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  • Summary: The long list of new features includes the following: New Interface Cameras: Choose from the catcher, umpire, pitcher, outfield zoom or offset plate camera options. New Interactive Hot/Cold Zones: Take hot and cold zones one stop further with the ability to alter them. Turn cold zones hot and vice versa wtih your performance at the plate or from the bump. Double Switches: Effectively manage your lineup and put your weakest stick in the nine-slot when you take advantage of double switch opportunities. MLB 2005 is the only game with scaled strike zones proportionate to individual hitters. [989 Sports] Expand
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  1. Yes, this game is better than "MVP Baseball 2004" by EA Sports, Acclaim's "All-Star Baseball," and "ESPN Baseball."
  2. 90
    MLB 2005 has a great tactile feel - in your first trip to the plate, you'll notice right away how much the ball moves like it should coming off the bat...Will have strong appeal to diehard baseball fans. [May 2004, p.88]
  3. The nice thing about MLB 2005 is the customization factor. For example, if you are batting, you can dumb down the controls so all you have to worry about is timing. See the pitch, time it, swing, and hit it. But for the true fan, who seeks to be totally immersed in the game, you can take over complete control of the batting.
  4. 79
    The problem is that MLB 2005 brings absolutely nothing new to the table in terms of gameplay.
  5. It’s amazing how much difference a year can make and MLB 2005 is a perfect example. MLB 2005 might re-kindle your devotion to the franchise.
  6. Despite incredible depth and improvement, hardcore baseball fans will be frustrated with the game's AI failures. [May 2004, p.37]
  7. The game isn't quite on a level with EA's "MVP Baseball 2004," but it does compete (which is saying a lot when you look at last year's installment) and it's fully capable of providing you with hours of entertainment.

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