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  • Summary: To enhance gameplay and provide gamers with an authentic yet unique simulation, MLB 2006 has integrated new features, including the all-new Branch Point Technology (BPT), which provides seamless fielding transitions, smooth base running, and fluid transitions while in a run or a slide. Additionally, MLB 2006 incorporates new fielding and pitching interfaces to challenge the skill levels of all baseball videogame fans. A brand new Fielding Zone Marker brings the player's attributes together with the user's skill level, so gamers will truly have to make the play, while the new Pitcher Confidence feature binds player rating attributes with a gamer's skill level in order to determine a users ability to hit spots in the strike zone. A new Franchise Mode includes an all-new Player Morale System that tracks player morale on every level and applies it to the player's day-to-day performance, and the new Career Mode lets gamers play from the player's perspective and control their own destiny from the start to the finish of their career, based on their on-field performance. [SCEA] Collapse
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  1. The new Pitcher Confidence Meter adds a psychological twist: paint the corners a few times, and your control grows sharper...but if you're consistently outside, your insecurity will sink you—just like in the bedroom!
  2. A whole other ballgame that not only looks great but plays like a game worthy of giving this year’s "MVP Baseball" and "MLB 2K" game a run for their money.
  3. Such a solid and comprehensive product that you just may want to make it your baseball video game of choice this season, particularly if you enjoy franchise-style modes.
  4. 80
    Follows up last year's comeback player of the year with control tweaks and makes its formidable franchise mode even better. [Apr 2006, p.97]
  5. The on-field play is excellent, with a pitching model that’s unmatched, and “Career Mode” is a completely new take on the standard sports gaming franchise/season gameplay, and I expect to see more publishers introducing similar modes.
  6. I especially like the whole manager/teammate interaction. It was a nice touch. [Apr 2005, p.76]
  7. A game on the verge. It's impossible to ignore all of its shortcomings, some of which are very significant, but if they can ever be addressed, Sony and 989 will have a top notch game on their hands.

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