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  • Summary: Features Exclusive Challenging Adrenaline-Style Gameplay: Turbo running, fielding, batting and throwing. Midway Sports kicks the level up a notch with hard-hitting, gas-throwing, plays-of-the-week caliber fielding to give the player the best possible baseball videogame experience. NEW Create-A-Team: Create your own All-Star team by combining your favorite players from both leagues into one powerhouse ball club, then work your way to a World Series championship. NEW Customizable Instant Replay: Relive your towering home runs or diving catches with instant replay. You take control of the camera and can view your highlight-quality plays from any angle you desire. NEW Home Run Derby: Pit your favorite MLB players in a home run derby and square off against the most feared long ball hitters in the league. NEW Pitching "On Fire": Pitchers in both leagues have the opportunity to get "on fire" by constantly shutting down the offensive team. [Midway] Collapse
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  1. A prominent step in the right direction. The gameplay remains fun and humorous yet it features all the modes and licensing you would expect from the more serious games.
  2. If you're looking for a game that concentrates on the fun aspects of the sport, a throwback to the days when baseball games were a fast and fun arcade experience, then you've come to the right place.
  3. With zany characters, extreme action, and a solid baseball background, this is the definite break that casual fans of the sport can totally root for.
  4. Hot chicks on the loading screens, madcap commentary, useful cheats, and an all-new Special Pitch will keep arcade enthusiasts smiling like Steinbrenner after signing a 14th starting pitcher. [Apr 2003, p.96]
  5. With its pick-up and play style, catchy visuals, and an hilarious audio track, even video game virgins will glean enjoyment from this game.
  6. Due to good physics modeling, sharp AI, and spot-on controls, no amount of wonky pitches and fiery players, watery stadiums, and moronic (if hilarious) commentary can detract from the solid gameplay.
  7. Not only are the old mistakes revisited in 2004, but the batting and fielding controls seem to have gotten worse. [Apr 2003, p.84]

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