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  • Summary: The latest installment in the series lets players breed, train and fight with the monsters they control. New monsters are bred by pairing two existing ones or spawned from music CDs, movie DVDs or game discs. Players train and care for their monsters, much like a virtual pet. Later, they enroll their monsters into tournaments, where they battle for prizes and fame. [Tecmo] Collapse
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  1. Everything about this title makes the previous installments seem archaic in comparison. [Nov 2001, p.100]
  2. Monster Rancher 3 rocks. That’s all that needs to be said. However, just to clarify, this game has really satisfying gameplay that should please even the most jaded gamer.
  3. The strength of this game is in its replay value. You can lose hours upon hours of your life simply checking your CD/DVD collection for monsters to add to your encyclopedia.
  4. 79
    Delivers where it counts, with the deep breeding simulation that fans of the series have grown to love.
  5. The combat’s more fun and involving than anything in Pokemon Stadium. But the rest of the game hasn’t changed much. [Nov 2001, p.210]
  6. The fact that it sticks so closely to the formula of its predecessors is both its greatest strength and biggest weakness.
  7. Hews so closely to the now four-year-old formula, it’s disappointing. [Dec 2001, p.108]

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