MotoGP 4 PlayStation 2


Mixed or average reviews - based on 27 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 27
  2. Negative: 1 out of 27
  1. Despite the somewhat low-res graphics, you never lose that sense of speed that's so crucial to racing games.
  2. 80
    The final package is a motorcycle racing game that is certainly good, but far from the best on the market. If your weapon of choice is the PlayStation 2, however, and you lack for next-gen options, then consider MotoGP 4 all the ammunition you'll need.
  3. MotoGP 4 is a late entry into a very crowded field of racing games for the PlayStation 2. The core gameplay is still as fun and flexible as ever, and the addition of online play is a welcome, if very tardy, one. Despite being slightly out-of-date, MotoGP 4 is still a good way to get your racing fix.
  4. But the bad is just too prevalent: poor upgrade system, mediocre graphics and sound, and in general, it just feels like an arcade game trying to be a simulator.
  5. 70
    In all, MotoGP4 plays much like past games in the series and still has a number of presentation quirks, but it's certainly a fun game.
  6. If you’re the sort of gamer who’s obsessed with statistical accuracy in your sports sims and can live with the uncanny feeling of déjà vu, Moto GP 4 proves to be a run of the mill arcade racer that will give you the most up-to-date bike game on the market, however bland it is.
  7. 80
    Not so with Moto GP 4. The improved physics and the addition of 125cc and 250cc bikes go to make Moto GP 4 a worthy update option for all fans of powered two-wheelers, only the lack of online play spoils an otherwise worthy challenger to the Xbox title crown.
  8. The realism is uncanny and I've grown to love the realistic gameplay, graphics and sound. However, the game could have done with a mode to suit causal players too - a mode that allows you to define the exact number of laps and the exact number of racers, amongst other things.
  9. The fastest, prettiest and bestest motorbike racing money can buy. [Jan 2007, p.106]
  10. The main overriding problem (badum) is the same as ever: the sense of excitement, speed, and - above all - fun just isn't as strong as the four-wheeled racers busy hogging the upper echelons of the world's charts.
  11. There are no huge faults here and the key problem is that the series seems happy to potter along without trying too hard - a strategy that is obviously doomed to fail. [July 2005, p.118]
  12. It seems that Moto GP 4 really does have something for everyone – assuming everyone has an interest in racing, of course.
  13. MotoGP4's licensed bikes and riders, accurately rendered tracks, and extensive single and multiplayer gameplay options are all good selling points but the unpolished graphics, bland audio, and out-of-date licensing are serious misfires.
  14. Take the great career mode, the interesting challenges, and solid online play, and you've got one excellent bike racer on your hands, even despite a few speed bumps here and there. [Sept 2006, p.76]
  15. The latest and best bike title on the PS2 and probably any console to date.
  16. Plays basically just like the previous games. The simulation mode is the heart of the game, although it is very difficult to master. Best of the series so far. [July 05]
  17. If you're a gearhead, you'll enjoy this. The rest of you? Well, it's a good racing game marred only by a lack of options and features. Still, makes a change from cars. [PSM2]
  18. It’s fun and frustrating, slow but challenging, and only semi-realistic.
  19. Realistic motorcycle gameplay, multiplayer action, and online play that will keep you locked in your room for months. I just hope that in MotoGP 5, I'll get to relive those days of Road Rash and be able to knock a guy off his bike with a baseball bat, but until that happens, Moto GP 4 will have to do. [UK Import]
  20. 70
    If you've never played any other titles in the series and like a good racing game, this is an easy 8 - higher if you’re a big MotoGP fan.
  21. 65
    Ultimately, MotoGP4 is a game that would do great if it had no competition, but pales in comparison to other games of the like available now.
  22. The stale look and feel bleed too much air from the tires. [Oct 2006, p.86]
  23. 70
    It's not the strongest competitor in the field, but MotoGP 4 is a solid contender in the genre.
  24. The definitive motorcycle racing game, this is not. The problem with MotoGP 4 is that it does little to signify itself from previous MotoGP releases by the Namco team, nor does it have the extra oomph to really push it beyond what Sony did with their own Tourist Trophy project.
  25. The overall presentation has a polished televised look, but unfortunately it still doesn't have race commentators, just the roar of 21 angry engines.
  26. MotoGP4 suits all fans of road racing and those who are bored of car racing games. Racing on two-wheeled bikes requires a lot of concentration and you’ll spend a lot of time trying to get through the challenges offered. The presentation is, again, strangely lacking. [July 2005, p.65]
  27. Set on simulation, MotoGP 4 is a real challenge. It'll delight bike fans looking for a taste of the challenge and power from these awesome machines, and petrolhead types will be happy to overlook its shortcomings in the process.
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  1. Jul 24, 2013
    I first bough this in 2002 and I still play it today! I think from other views racing fans have totally misunderstood Moto GP 4's genius. TheI first bough this in 2002 and I still play it today! I think from other views racing fans have totally misunderstood Moto GP 4's genius. The graphics and slightly poor and there's few options other than the different classes, the season is pretty tedious and after all this it actually quite easy. What this game is genius at is having the best track representations and the most realist lap time timing of any racing game ever...ever!. if you want to spend hours chipping away at the perfect lap a tenth at a time, then this game will be awesome! Full Review »
  2. MateusC.
    Sep 9, 2006
    Awesome game, very realistic. The tracks are superb reproducted (I'm from Brazil and scared how they made incredible reproduction from Awesome game, very realistic. The tracks are superb reproducted (I'm from Brazil and scared how they made incredible reproduction from the Nelson Piquet track). The gameplay mechanics are very good and enjoyable without any piece of slowdown (runs smootly at 30fps) the graphics are nice and much better than lot of racing games for PS2 (for example, that EA NFS last ports). Another important thing: this is the OFFICIAL LICENSED GAME then wait all fidelity reproducted: motors, racers, sponsors, everything is authorized and very well reproducted. If you like motocycles or racing you definitevely need play MotoGP4 an well executed game, official product and very enjoyable moto racyng experience exclusive for your PlayStation 2. Full Review »
  3. Marko
    Nov 16, 2005
    I agree with the comments made by D.D, it appears that nearly everyone who has reviewed this game has absolutely no interest in motorcycling I agree with the comments made by D.D, it appears that nearly everyone who has reviewed this game has absolutely no interest in motorcycling or motorcycling games, its no wonder the game got such a low score. Considering the age of the Playstation 2 the graphics are detailed enough and the animation is excellent. The game is definately for the more simulation minded, as it is best played with all sim settings on and through the riders view perspective, with virtua bugs on your visor and all! The feeling of realism is great tearing down a straight at over 200mph. The other classes are a good introduction and help to build your skill before moving onto the GP class bikes (a whole different story), with simulation mode on you will have trouble staying on the track if you dont carefully control the power. What can I say, if you are into bikes you will love this game, if not then why would you buy a motor cycle sim anyway? All in all much more exciting than the four wheeled GT4. My only complaints, some collisions are a little unrealistic, but other than that the game Rocks! Full Review »