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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 47
  2. Negative: 6 out of 47
  1. 90
    An enticing blend of action and RPG adventure. The game mixes the best elements of both genres, resulting in a title that is just a hair away from greatness. Musashi may not be Zelda's equal, but it sure is close. [Apr 2005, p.84]
  2. With impeccable world and character design, quirky cool real-time cinemas that pay homage to an era of gaming gone by, an outstanding opening movie and score, and compelling action-role playing for the duration, Musashi: Samurai Legend is a beacon of hope for a homoginized world. [March 2005, p.56]
  3. While it does have its weaknesses (the levels are a bit generic and there was a bit too much backtracking for my taste), Musashi succeeds with great visual style, excellent humor, and rock-solid gameplay. [March 2005, p.128]
  4. If "Kingdom Hearts'" battle system hadn't sucked, it might have played a lot like this game.
  5. The game can be finished in 15 to 20 hours. Beating it will unlock the Hard mode for those who want abit more challenge.
  6. 80
    The cel-shadded graphics and the off beat humour will put a majority of people off but if you can get past this you have an enjoyable title. Mimicking enemies attacks is quite fun when you get the hang of it.
  7. Something with Samurai Legend’s promise and retro appeal doesn’t come along too often, and seeing it developed more fully in a longer game would result in one of the best action RPGs ever.
  8. 79
    The fact that its target demographic is undeniably the players of the first game, coupled with the slower pace of the gameplay, and Musashi winds up in the exact same boat as it's predecessor.
  9. Overall, pleasant is the best word to describe this. Musashi: Samurai Pleasant. Sounds far more apt.
  10. At first, the new slower pacing and heavier focus on repetitive hack-n-slash gameplay will likely disappoint diehard fans of the original, however once you work yourself into it and get over the fact that it’s not the same game, there’s definitely a solid action-RPG experience to take in and enjoy.
  11. An entertaining, easy-going action-oriented RPG that doesn’t reinvent the gaming wheel—but rather cel-shades it beautifully.
  12. While it's good to see Musashi back on the screen again, it's unfortunate that his title is hampered by a short game experience, practically unused skills and technical glitches.
  13. The game is relatively short. For the most part it’s somewhat easy, too. The save points are pretty spread out, which can be really frustrating when you die, but you’ll probably only die at the bosses.
  14. There is a bit of a learning curve, and the gameplay is linear, but the game is pacing is nicely done and the blend between techno and fantasy is performed admirably.
  15. 71
    From the evocative set-up to the satisfaction of stealing enemies move, those with an open mind and lenient expectation are likely to find a cool title that is perfect to fill the gaps between big releases.
  16. Despite being known for its ability to bring us quality RPGs such as "Kingdom Hearts," Square Enix has done itself pretty proud with this move into the adventuring genre, and the RPG influences that surface throughout the title just add to the quality. We definitely suggest you give this a go. [May 2005, p.114]
  17. Mushashi Samurai Legend isn't especially hard or deep, and you'll get virtually everything it has to offer on the first time through, but it's still a decent action adventure game with a good dose of quirky charm.
  18. The overall presentation (save the camera problems) is nice, the action is engaging (though it does get repetitive after awhile) and the myriad of mini-games, collecting activities (including finding all the townsfolk) and character interactions fill in the gameplay out where there could have been serious holes.
  19. 70
    The gameplay isn't as rich as it could have been, and it generally doesn't live up to the stature of the classic PSone title, which is disappointing, but the smooth action, appealing graphics, and funny dialogue warrant this game a passing grade.
  20. There's nothing stellar about it, but it's fundamentally solid and pretty cool to look at.
  21. After a while once you start learning some of the better skills and have a little bit of a better grasp on the fighting system it becomes just a little bit more than your standard hack and slash. There are just so many other areas where there was not enough effort that I can’t rate this game higher.
  22. Musashi: Samurai Legend is hard to rate. Nothing in it is new and everything it has to offer has already been seen in other games in the same genre. Still, collecting the legendary swords and studying the enemy techniques is quite fascinating and keeps you playing. This game is a good choice for those who seek a bit more action oriented adventure than what your average Japanese RPG offers. [Sept 2005, p.70]
  23. 68
    It's nice to look at, and the simple gameplay and quick story progression allow you to get into it pretty quick. It's just that there isn't a whole lot that you would want to keep it around for.
  24. 66
    The biggest problem with Musashi Samurai Legend is the same problem that’s plagued a lot of Square-Enix’s recent titles: it just isn’t nearly as fun as it feels like it should be.
  25. The action is too slow, the camera is poorly implemented, the gameplay is repetitive, and the story is clichéd. The only redeeming qualities are nifty “manga” shaded graphics and an interesting combo-learning system.
  26. A textbook example of wasted potential.
  27. Much too slow and repetitive to be the fast-paced action-RPG it tries to be. Not exactly bad, but not much fun, either. [Sept. 05]
  28. There are a few moments in Musashi Samurai Legend that’ll raise a smile or even make you laugh out aloud, and it’s generally a fun game to play.
  29. Combat gets monotonous and Musashi himself moves far too slowly for a nimble samurai. [June 2005, p.80]
  30. 60
    The mix of sword combat and platforming is just about right, and though most of the boss battles were simple pattern-based matches, the designs were sometimes cool enough that I was thrown back to the old days of bashing away at hulking robots and monsters.
  31. 60
    Feels like nothing more than another mediocre game out of Square-Enix meant to tide fans over until "Final Fantasy XII" finally hits.
  32. Despite Musashi's quirky look and interesting mechanics, the elementary mistakes made with the camera and the poor pacing ultimately make the game feel more like its 1998 predecessor than a modern sequel.
  33. I just wish the camera weren't so horrid (especially during the boss fights) and that the leveling and backtracking weren't so tedious. It's solid enough, but it could have been so much more. [Apr 2005, p.125]
  34. Fancy graphics can't distract from the fact that this is a rather boring, repetive game after a few hours. A shoddy framerate and unbalanced sound don't help matters either.
  35. It's a really short game that, in the end, feels like a horribly drawn-out tutorial chapter of a bigger, better title.
  36. 52
    Everything about the game is just too slow and too repetitive and too awkward to hold your attention. The style is certainly worth checking out for a few minutes, but soon after that you're better off moving on to either an action title or more of a straight-up RPG.
  37. A well-made little game. It has good handling and controls and is nice to look at, and has little to berate besides the fact that, for all its sparkliness, it's ever so bland.
  38. Even "Kingdom Hearts," arguably aimed at an even younger audience than this, offered more meat.
  39. The game just never really gets moving and therefore most of us will end up turning it off after a good twenty minutes.
  40. With elements of RPG, puzzles, combat and platforming there is not one consistently solid genre on which to base this game. Worse than that, the pace of the game is in low gear from start to finish.
  41. The story is trite, and the action is like a groggy Sunday morning.
  42. What is disappointing about Musashi is that I expect more from Square-Enix. The company seems to be mired in a bit of a rut as of late, and churning out average, if uninspired, games like this one doesn't seem to be a good way to get back on course.
  43. There are a few interesting gimmicks, but the crazy camera and spawning enemies are outright annoying and bring dishonor to an otherwise average game.
  44. 40
    The only gem left to shine through the rubble of this collapsed concept is the character Clochette. The desperate melodrama in her voice fits this prissy madam perfectly and she, along with the plot-twist that her arc of the story entails, provides the only real highlight of the story.
  45. Since the camera can be extremely infuriating, a low blood pressure might also be good.
  46. There's a smattering of good ideas in Samurai Legend, but they're quickly crushed under the obesity of mindless combat and poor design. One to avoid. [PSW]
  47. A meager grab 'n go meal. [June 2005, p.88]

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