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  1. PSM Magazine
    While the graphics are average, the overall presentation is decent--the addition of more conferences, great commentary, and authentic team fight songs make this feel unexpectedly modern for a current-gen...ahem, last-gen game. [Mar 2007, p.84]
  2. MVP 07 NCAA Baseball was a fun game that allowed me to play with my favorite team and made the controls very rewarding.
  3. With innovative, fun controls, above average presentation, and more options, modes, and features than you can shake an aluminum bat at, MVP 07 NCAA Baseball on the PlayStation 2 is recommended for any baseball fan.
  4. Once thing is certain, some of what MVP does has never been seen before and it may not be too long before EA or someone else who ‘borrows’ the ideas will show up in the big leagues.
  5. Great gameplay with excellent control innovations make MVP 07 a great choice for baseball fans. Lack of polish and dull presentation, along with a missing MLB license keep it inside the park.
  6. 80
    The most important aspect of any baseball video game is the controls, and while those found in MVP 07 will test your patience at times, they ultimately add to the overall experience. [Mar 2007, p.91]
  7. It's pretty easy to enjoy what’s here - smooth and intuitive gameplay with innovative controls and plenty of depth. Once you train your brain to use the sticks and love the "ping", you'll be joyfully rounding the bases.
  8. 80
    Between the mini-games offered and the challenge of facing lots of different opposing styles, online remains an attractive diversion.
  9. MVP 07 NCAA Baseball lacks flashy visuals and the all-important big league license, but the quality of the gameplay is undeniable.
  10. Sure, there was a new minigame added (a variant on last year’s pitching minigame) but that doesn’t keep this from feeling like I’m playing pretty much the same game that I did last year.
  11. EA shows some love to the PS2 with arguably their last MVP Baseball title, which continues with the innovations set by the original, but sadly doesn't have anything fresh this time around.
  12. With a great baseball-playing control setup, MVP 07 NCAA Baseball is a solid hitting title that will stay entrenched in the gaming lineup of baseball-gaming fans everywhere.
  13. It’s not a must-own for everyone, but the new pitching system should get your attention, if only for a rental.
  14. The new pitching mechanic breathes some new life into the aging but still very good MVP Baseball franchise.
  15. 76
    The Rock and Fire system is an excellent way of addressing pitching in a baseball game, but unfortunately the multiplayer complication keeps it from becoming an exceptional feature for this year.
  16. MVP 07 NCAA Baseball steps up to the plate and hits a double – not as exciting as a homer but a solid hit nonetheless.

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  1. DaveR.
    Feb 8, 2007
    Rock and Fire pitching makes this the best baseball game of the MVP series. This new way of pitching is more interactive and more fun than Rock and Fire pitching makes this the best baseball game of the MVP series. This new way of pitching is more interactive and more fun than just pressing a button to start and stop a meter. The hitting and throwing are also improved from the 06 version. Everything just seems to some together in the 2007 version. If you like baseball, this is the game to get. The only thing that would have been better is if it were available on the XBOX 360. Full Review »