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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 26
  2. Negative: 1 out of 26
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  1. 75
    In its own way, NASCAR 07 also replicates the sport community of NASCAR extremely well. As for racing, it's still not that fast of a game, although the controls have tightened up, and though it sounds silly, out of car mano-a- mano driver fisticuffs would have added that spark this year's game seems to be missing.
  2. NASCAR 07 shows little improvement over its predecessor, and the lack of substantial new features is disappointing.
  3. Game Informer
    The one thing that makes this game worth it to NASCAR rubes like you and me is that the new speed blur makes side-by-side racing pretty damn cool. [Oct. 2006, p.94]
  4. As another PS2 sports title that’s been upgraded (marginally), not redesigned, those who purchased last year’s game need not add this to their collection.
  5. Casual fans who own 06 may want to wait this one out until we get our first next generation offering as the subtle differences may not be enough to merit the purchase.
  6. A rehashed, lackluster game hidden behind the high-energy, let's-kick-some-butt-and-chug-some-beer rock music blaring at you from the title screen.
  7. 70
    Once you get over the initially steep learning curve in handling the cars, you'll find yourself left with a surprisingly deep and entertaining racing experience.
  8. GamePro
    Every year the NASCAR series seems to emphasize a different aspect of the sport. But this year, the focus is back where it belongs: on the driving and on-track competition. [Nov. 2006, p.102]
  9. 60
    Is NASCAR 07 a game, or a simulation? Well, yet again it's neither, and EA Tiburon has failed for the second year running to strike the glorious balance that it achieved with "NASCAR 05." It's certainly not "bad," but it's hardly the definitive game of the genre.
  10. Although NASCAR 07 remains pretty much the same decent core game as last year's model, this year's model is just a little more fun for newcomers and a little more chaotic for long-time racers.
  11. NASCAR 07 really does compile the best gameplay elements from the previous four years’ worth of their NASCAR franchise. While this would normally warrant a hands-down recommendation – especially releasing this close to the (apparent) end of the PS2’s lifespan – NASCAR 07’s technical glitches really deal a serious blow to the fun.
  12. AceGamez
    If you're looking for a game that understands NASCAR and implements most of what people enjoy about it then you'll be happy with this offering - unless of course you played the last one.
  13. NASCAR 07 is a game built almost exclusively for the hardcore NASCAR racing fan.
  14. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Is it a game or is it a simulation? Yet again, it's neither, and Tiburon has failed for the second year running to strike the gllorious balance it achieved with NASCAR 05. [Oct. 2006, p.110]
  15. Another year, another NASCAR. The sparse updates and thin lacquer are well done, but like their preceding adjectives: meager.
  16. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    NASCAR 07 is a good last hurrah on the PS2. [Oct. 2006, p.87]
  17. NASCAR 07 is, quite simply, another NASCAR game. There isn't anything too special about it or anything that makes it stand out, but then again, there also isn't anything to really get in a twist over.
  18. PSM Magazine
    The better handling is offset by a useless new adrenaline meter. [Holiday 2006, p.86]
  19. The game offers enough deep gameplay to keep racing enthusiasts happy, but the problem is it's generally the exact same experience that was offered a year ago.
  20. Most fans will more then get their money out of it especially if you missed last year’s version, but otherwise you might need to decide if the enhancements are enough to purchase again.
  21. Minus the graphics, NASCAR '07 is just as solid as it's predecessors. The skill points are nice, as are the driver attributes. And a new story mode is always good.
  22. On one hand, the gameplay is good and the presentation is solid but there isn’t a whole lot of new content in the game to appease franchise veterans. On the other, the game doesn’t make itself readily accessible to newcomers.
  23. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    Overflowing with licensed material but severely lacking what it needs the most: involving and exhilarating racing action with decent smash-ups. [Christmas 2006, p.96]
  24. Most NASCAR fans will enjoy this year’s version, but if they have 06, which they likely do, there might not be much reason to upgrade.
  25. Don't be fooled, a new year and a new number in the title hardly makes this a new game worth getting. It's time to add new tracks, or new modes, or something other than the same old, same old, recycled game year after year.
  26. For those of you that are die-hard NASCAR fans, you’ll have to pick this up for the updated (but slightly out of date) roster, and the new features put in are decent. However, if you’re looking for a ground-breaking NASCAR title, you’ll probably be disappointed with this release.
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  1. Brett
    Sep 20, 2006
    Change in accelerator and brake controls left me scratching my head... I mean come on, trigger buttons? Good if yet grainy graphics. I hardly Change in accelerator and brake controls left me scratching my head... I mean come on, trigger buttons? Good if yet grainy graphics. I hardly notice the "speed blur" so I can't expound on it more. This game does excel in one specific area - the actual racing. The car handling and the AI of the other cars is spot on. Now when you are in a tight pack of cars there is no feeling of helplessness as you lose control of your ride. In fact it feels like you think it must feel....incredible! I really would love some form of a replay mode. Overall a decent progression in the series, nothing mind blowing, but solid. Full Review »
  2. efebuluc
    Sep 16, 2006
    playing this game makes you feel like a red neck looser, even if you are the coolest and most sophisticated guy on earth, but then...why wouldplaying this game makes you feel like a red neck looser, even if you are the coolest and most sophisticated guy on earth, but then...why would you buy this game?...hmmm. interesting. year after year they come up with this thing and i decided to have a go at it this year. when i was playing it, i thought i was going blind and then i realized that it was the new "blur" effect that they use to make you think you are going think you are going blind. however, there are lot of things here to keep somebody interested, the crashes are not gona kill myself trying to explain why i gave a nice 7 grade for this it and play it, its not all that bad. Full Review »