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  • Summary: From 200 MPH super-speedways to hairpin turns on 11 fantasy tracks, tuning your car and finding the line is no longer enough. Now you?re running to the edge against 42 other unique NASCAR® personalities every race, drivers who remember your every move and won?t think twice about paying you back. Out-smart and out-drive them as you battle three-wide from green to checkers. Online or on your own, racing just became a contact sport. Grudges & Alliances: Emotion comes to a racing game for the first time as CPU drivers remember your every move and aren't afraid to pay you back. Pick up & Play controls help new fans navigate over 60 events including all real world NASCAR races, plus 12 winding road courses. NASCAR Thunder 2004 goes online with peer-to-peer racing on the PlayStation®2 and 16 player races on PC. The most extensive Career Mode in a NASCAR video game just got deeper and easier to navigate! The deepest NASCAR game ever created with over 70 drivers and 175 authentic cars and the first game with a full pack of 43 Cup Series cars. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. In Thunder 2004, you take the track with 42 of the most vindictive drivers ever to hold a wheel. [Oct 2003, p.118]
  2. 100
    Gone are the days when bouncing off another car to make a turn was acceptable. In Thunder 2004, you can still pull crap like that, but don't be surprised if your victim stuffs you into the wall on the next lap. [Oct 2003, p.63]
  3. It's quite a phenomonal take on the sport. Where most developers spend their time making sure their physics engine, models and sound effects accurately portray vehicles driving extremely fast, EA Tiburon has already accomplished this years ago, so instead they focused on the personality of the sport and it makes all the difference.
  4. Extremely fun to play and highly addictive! And there are so many options that will keep you running back to your videogame system time and time again.
  5. Taking the checkered flag involves strategy, which the Grudge/Alliance feature exemplifies perfectly. Still, the controls are a bit too unforgiving for the casual racing fan. [Oct 2003, p.132]
  6. 85
    The meat of the game is in the career mode, which is incredibly deep, but takes a real time commitment to get the most out of.
  7. Fanatics will tweak tire pressure, suspension, and build dynasties, alliances, and sponsorships; rookies can learn the nuances of drafting, passing, and holding position on dozens of real-world tracks.

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