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  1. "The Life" mode is intriguing, but unfulfilling, and although different, not worth the purchase price on its own. There are simply NBA games that look better, play better, and have more to offer fans than this game provides.

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#90 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2007
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  1. JimH.
    Dec 8, 2007
    If you start this game playing "The Life", you'll be facing a number of various mini-games designed to simulate training camp, such as If you start this game playing "The Life", you'll be facing a number of various mini-games designed to simulate training camp, such as following your coach's commands, shooting drills, free throw drills, and scrimmages. You need to accomplish a goal to proceed to the next part. This part really interested me and made me look forward to the rest of the game. Unfortunately, this is the BEST part of the game. "The Life" starts to go downhill shortly after Opening Day, with goals such as "Outscore the Celtics by 12 in 3 minutes, making sure your power forward hits 3 jumpers, get 3 assists TO him, and don't allow the other team to score a post-up basket." Yes, you have to do ALL of those. And that's still not the worst. The A.I. in the game varies between insane and heavily flawed. If you trap a player near the baseline, he'll run out of bounds. If you move at all, he'll run by and dunk. Defense is highly aggravating to play, and you'll be finding the computer breaking your ankles and driving by for a dunk. Sometimes your players will switch off, and they will not switch back, regardless of what you do. And sometimes, you will switch to a defender and go to control them, only to find out that, although he's selected, you have NO control over him. SERIOUS programming flaw. Also, if a player is going for a dunk, good luck stopping him. I tried to block one and my center started the block animation, then stepped back under the backboard, waited a moment, and THEN went to block, WAY too late. And now we get to offense. When a team takes the ball out, all 10 players will just INSTANTLY teleport to pre-set locations, with one man inbounding the ball, the point guard standing near him, the opposing point guard near half-court, and everyone else down the other end of the floor. No fast break off a made basket! The offensive playcalling is PITIFUL, with only FOUR plays available: Call for a pick, cut to basket, cut to key, isolation. That's it. Controls in the post-up are half-baked with pre-set animations. There is no up-and-under style move, since there is no pump-fake from the post. And if you make a move and it's stopped, which results in you getting pushed away from the basket, you can just dunk then. Need a basket? You can just dribble around through the defense until they run into each other trying to figure out how to switch, and then you can take an open shot... or go for a dunk. Need a quick 2? Call for an alley-oop. As long as you can time the pass (and there's a good-sized window that you can learn from practice in Alley-opp drills), it's an UNSTOPPABLE move. No blocking the pass, no blocking the dunk, no defender stopping the cutter. I did not play NBA 07, so I can't speak about the A.I. comparatively to that, but if this is IMPROVED, then NBA 07 had to have no A.I. at all, seeing as this was the WORST A.I. that I have personally EVER seen in a sports game in my over 25 years of gaming. In fact, even with the parts that I liked about the game (mainly the mini-games and the idea of the storyline giving you an insight into the cameraderie of a full team), this is easily the WORST sports game I have EVER played. I do not recommend this game for ANYONE, as it was not even worth the discounted price I got on its rental. Full Review »