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  • Summary: Shot Stick -- Control the direction of your shot with the right analog stick. Pull off runners, fade-aways, finger rolls and dunks with a flick of the stick. Dual Player Control -- Set teammates into motion for alley-oops, give and gos, or to hit an open man for a 3 point play with the touch of the d-pad. Strip n Rip System -- Direction specific stealing controls let players anticipate passes by jumping into passing lanes to deflect or intercept a pass, as well as, strip the ball from a player driving to the hoop or a player with weak hands coming down with the rebound. V.I.P. System -- After your game, save your friends’ profiles to compete when they’re not available! Learn their tendencies, moves, & logic for more heated battles. Get the upper hand in an online tournaments by downloading other players’ VIP profiles. The Crib -- New to NBA 2K6 this year, you can now earn crib credits with every game you play to deck out your crib, buy music, or play mini-games. 24/7: Road to the EBC -- Take to the streets of Harlem in the Entertainer's Basketball Classic to play against NBA players and Def Jam Celebrities including Red Man, Method Man, Flavor Flav, and many other special guests. [2K Games] Expand
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  1. Positive: 21 out of 23
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  1. "Live" has become stale and needs to be redone ... so all you "Live" lovers, there is a new sheriff in town -- and it's NBA 2K6.
  2. There were enough nuances and respect for fundamentals that I felt like I could use my basketball I.Q. as an advantage. And yet, the game is playable, even for someone who has never touched the game.
  3. There are so many nuances to the look of this game; it’d be a feeble task trying to list them. Needless to say, it’s stunning.
  4. Isomotion either really needs an overhaul, or it needs to be scrapped. And PLEASE do something about about the computer AI. But on the flip side, I love the new shot stick, and the strip and rip controls.
  5. This is the most complete NBA game out there, dominating the court with its new control options, good A.I. and strong delivery.
  6. What separates this game from the games before it is the freedom you have with your players.
  7. Solid, but nowhere near spectacular sim that will only satisfy B-ball fans who can appreciate its subtleties. The rest of us can only look on, slightly bemused. [Apr 2006, p.100]

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  1. Jan 29, 2014
    Best 2k game ever. . Expand
  2. Ram
    Apr 15, 2006
    Have played previous versions of this game, so was pretty used to it, I love the improvements to the in game feel, and the shot stick just makes those dunk more satisfying, some slight improvements still need to be done to the gameplay, Live you need to take notes. Expand
  3. MarcD.
    Oct 11, 2005
    It doesn't feel right. could do alot worse than NBA 2K6. Live 2006 for example.
  4. KevinC.
    Oct 17, 2005
    This game is awesome this is by far the best basketball simulation ever made, it still isn't perfect but its fun to play, it could have given you more contol over what post moves you do down low in the paint, sometimes the computer does up and unders, and you can't thats my only problem with this game, other than that.. this game is perfect. Expand
  5. VahndD.
    Oct 24, 2005
    Just like another ordinary nba games. nba 2k6 only gives a little improvement and development. still too hard too handle the analog and pad joystick. too many function makes me confuse and hard too focus to the game. but it's still worth to paly. GG Expand