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  • Summary: Combining true, authentic NCAA college basketball action with updated graphics and an all-new Online Mode, NCAA Final Four 2004 delivers spirit and pageantry of college hoops. NCAA Final Four 2004 features more than 300 Division IA teams, multiple modes of play including Practice, Dynasty and Career, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and compatibility with 989SportsOnline, the revolutionary central online lobby linking all 989 Sports online titles with features including roster updates, a real-time sports ticker, tournaments, message boards, voice chat, and more. [Sony] Expand
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  1. I'm vastly disappointed with this game. I clearly remember being excited about last year's potential for the future. I thought 989 Sports would finally come through with a top-notch college basketball game, something that I don't believe has ever been done.
  2. Perhaps the biggest downfall of Final Four is the sound area. The two broadcasters don’t do enough talking, and when they do, they make odd and frankly stupid remarks.
  3. Many will be turned on by the plethora of game-play modes and options this game has to offer. Others will be turned off by the game-play AI, like I was.
  4. By itself, the issues associated with it aren’t severe but put it side by side with either "March Madness 2004" or "ESPN College Hoops," and they fall to a distant third.
  5. Like "NBA ShootOut" this year, the defensive AI is such that before you take your shot, you can simply run around until your defender gets stuck on other bodies, and then try throwing down a dunk or three until you score.
  6. Without a doubt, the worst basketball game released this year, college or pro. It offers a subpar effort--across the board--in graphics, sound, gameplay, and extras (like the simplistic dynasty mode, for example).
  7. Whoever is coming up with ideas like the two Career modes and the ability to set practice schedules should get promoted. Then, they should go work for a series with more potential. Either that, or Sony should hire people who are serious about gameplay, because NCAA Final Four 2004 clearly is not.

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