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  • Summary: NFL Blitz PRO is the exclusive, 11-on-11 licensed smash-mouth football videogame experience, delivering a new a sophisticated and online feature set combined with its proprietary blend of lightning-fast, adrenaline-style gameplay proving NFL Blitz PRO is updated, improved and in-depth football. NFL Blitz has been reinvented, without leaving behind the edginess that has made Midway Sports the leader and only year-on-year successful publisher of extreme-style league licensed sports videogames. For the first time, NFL Blitz Pro will showcase authentic 11-on-11 gameplay with realistic rules, features and online play, while still providing its propriety blend of fast and furious adrenaline-style football action. [Midway] Collapse
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  1. Walks a fine line between serious sim and classic Blitz action and maintains a perfect balance from start to finish.
  2. Consider this, you can play the game almost anyway you wish, with strict rules or with the attitude. This is a game that is highly entertaining to play and watch.
  3. A solid game, but the sluggish gameplay holds it back considerably.
  4. It's ok for a secondary Football game if you have friends over, or want to go online occasionally. But as a single player game, or something you play leagues with on the PS2, I think this is the year Blitz doesn't quite fit in. And I love Midway, so this is a very difficult thing to say.
  5. A game that just doesn't fit in. Out of the box it's not as fun as its predecessors, and nowhere near as deep or engaging as Madden or ESPN.
  6. Has good qualities, but, ultimately, it tries much too hard to be something it isn't.
  7. 40
    By diluting the elements that set NFL Blitz apart from other football games, Midway has left the door open for its game to be compared to "Madden NFL 2004" and "ESPN NFL Football." Unfortunately, there is no comparison.

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